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 The mice, by the way, were longgone from his apartment by the summer of 1963.

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In a second experiment, some babies again saw the mysterious dissolving ball or the straightforward solid one. Other babies saw the ball either rolling along a ledge or rolling off the end of the ledge and apparently remaining suspended in thin air. Then the experimenters simply gave the babies the balls to play with.

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In fact, these experiments suggest that babies may be even better scientists than grown-ups often are. Adults suffer from “confirmation bias”—we pay attention to the events that fit what we already know and ignore things that might shake up our preconceptions. Charles Darwin famously kept a special list of all the facts that were at odds with his theory, because he knew he’d otherwise be tempted to ignore or forget them.

Still, the plural of anecdote is not data, and fond grandma observations aren’t science. And while guessing what babies think is easy and fun, proving it is really hard and takes ingenious experimental techniques.

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The attachment system originally evolved to get mammalian mothers to protect their helpless babies. Mother love really is as fundamental to evolution as it is to storytelling. Still, is that profound biological impulse to protect this one special child enough to justify deceiving her or committing violence against others? If, as in the recently concluded Season 3 of “The Americans,” a mother deeply loves her daughter (who has no idea that her mom is a Soviet spy), should the mother try to make sure her child never finds out? Or should she teach her daughter how she, too, might wear ridiculous wigs effectively and assassinate enemies?

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Evolution has also co-opted the attachment system to produce other kinds of love. In a few species, like prairie voles, the attachment system extends to fathers. The male voles also care for their babies, and they “pair-bond” with their mates. Systematic experiments show that oxytocin plays an important role in this kind of love, too.

To be a monster means to be an “inhumanely cruel or wicked person”

Attachment is a profound but strange emotion. We can be loyal to a particular child, lover or country, regardless of what they are actually like—just because they’re ours. Most social relationships are reciprocal, with benefits for both parties. But we can and should be loyal, even if we gain nothing in return.

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Still, one practical benefit of a philosophical education is that it helps you to construct elaborate justifications for your favorite vices. So I’d argue that “The Americans” tackles the same philosophical questions I wrestled with in my talk. Loyalty—our specific, personal commitment to a particular child, lover or country—is one of the deepest human emotions. But is it compatible with reason? And is it morally profound or morally problematic?

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