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3. Argument: As your assessment is a discursive essay, you need to ensure that your argument is clear and that it propels the narrative of your essay forward. You should also ensure that your argument/thesis is clearly articulated in the introduction. In order words, what are you proposing/arguing; why and how? This should also help you with the overall structure of your essay.

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The lecture looks at the impact of digital public spheres on information
freedom. The session explores questions of:
• digital public spheres
• free expression /information – the meaning of and, impact of new media
• privacy / reputation – the meaning of and, impact of new media

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Nevertheless, when I first shared the spreadsheet among my women friends and colleagues, it took on the intense sincerity of our most intimate conversations. Women began to anonymously add their stories of sexual assault; many of the accounts posted there were violent, detailed, and difficult to read. Women recounted being beaten, drugged, and raped. Women recounted being followed into bathrooms or threatened with weapons. Many, many women recounted being groped at work, or shown a colleague’s penis. Watching the cells populate, it rapidly became clear that many of us had weathered more than we had been willing to admit to one another. There was the sense that the capacity for honesty, long suppressed, had finally been unleashed. This solidarity was thrilling, but the stories were devastating. I realized that the behavior of a few men I had wanted women to be warned about was far more common that I had ever imagined. This is what shocked me about the spreadsheet: the realization of how badly it was needed, how much more common the experience of sexual harassment or assault is than the opportunity to speak about it. I am still trying to grapple with this realization.

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6. References: Please note that in the Field of Media and Cultural Studies we use the Harvard style. As New Media Theory is a Media and Cultural Studies’ module you need to make sure that you reference fully and accurately in the Harvard Style. This does not only apply to in-text citations, but also to bibliographical references. In addition, you should ensure that you always include an accurate and full bibliography. Please also ensure that you do not put quotations in italics (unless they are used in the source); that you highlight (underline, put in quotations marks; italicise) titles and that you always include page reference for direct quotes.