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Now that I completed this exercise and believe in the importance in CoreValues, I hope to find an organization that shares my same values aftergraduation. Not only will it benefit me, but it will also benefit theorganization for which I chose to work. Kouzes and Posner researched thecorrelation between the clarity of both ones personal and an organizationsvalues and its impact on employee commitment. What resulted was notsurprising: employees who had the greatest clarity in both their own personalvalues and their organizations values, held the highest commitment to theirorganization.

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Kouzes& Posner write “To earn and sustain personal credibility, you must be ableto clearly articulate your deeply held beliefs.” Many students including myself, were not convinced about the value of CoreValues until we heard Ralph Folz, CEO of Molecular’s presentation.

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I value my deep family network more than anything else in my life because of my family’s unconditional love, deep family understanding, and continual support to me. Those aspects always help me to keep going and to get stronger. Without my family, I could not accomplish almost anything. My family is the most precious treasure that I have gained from God in my life.

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Perhaps I will work for a non-profit organization, or perhaps I willattempt to find an organization where I can contribute intellectually that alsovalues work/life balance. This will allow me to spend more time with my familyand continue volunteering. Now that I better recognize the value of alignedCore Values, I will put it to use when starting to look for internships and jobplacements.

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