My favorite holiday is Christmas

Essay Writing On My Favourite Holiday

Essay Writing My Favourite Holiday

My favorite holiday food is something that is unique to my family. It is called “orange salad.” It is a delicious mixture of pudding, whipped cream, orange jello, mandarin oranges and pineapple. My mom always makes it and it is my favorite thing. I eat at least twice as much orange salad as I do anything else. It means Christmas when I smell it in the kitchen.

My favorite holiday meal is when me and my mom make pies and we always make an extra one to eat that night.

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It is always hard to lose someone you care about. Remember how much you love them and they love you, and all the wonderful times you had with your them! Think of them fondly and give some time for all the great memories with them! Your Nan would want you to enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!

essay writing on my favourite holiday My favorite holiday is Christmas

No specific food really stands out in my memory. All the holidays that involve food are great because my mom is an amazing cook! If I had to pick one thing it would probably be all the cookies my mom bakes, the week leading up to Christmas. She bakes almost every day to make baskets to give to teachers, friends and relatives. This is memorable because even though we aren’t supposed to my sibling and I take cookies that are for the baskets and eat them. There is a yearly struggle between the kids and my mom. My siblings and I want all the cookies for ourselves, but my mom insists that we don’t need them all! I actually just stole some cookies from the freezer yesterday!!

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My favorite holiday meal memory is drinking hot chocolate and chai latte’s. It is made by a Kurreg Machine in my kitch. It stands out to me because that is the only thing I consume on Christmas day and it tradition.

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my favorite food memory has to be around christmass eve my mom and I always make lots of christmass treats to mail out to the family for gifts. we make candied citrus peels, chocolate coverd popcorn,spiced nuts, thin mints, gingerbread cookies and other holiday delights, after were done makeing them we share the leftovers with our friends and all trade christmass treats and enjoy eachothers company.

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Every year around the holidays, my family makes Stroopwafels. We all get together and make them on a weekend. They are my favorite cookies ever. I love being with my family so it’s just a fun day.

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Every Christmas, my family eats something different. Last year we had a buffet at a restaurant. Since it was Christmas, there was many Christmas food along side with the buffet. My favorite food at the buffet was the beef. It doesn’t really mean anything but since it tasted good, I liked it!

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My favorite holiday food memory was 2011 Thanksgiving. My mom prepared a lot of the food, and did a lot of the work. It stood out to me because my mom makes the best food. It always tastes the best and is like candy in your mouth. The food represents how amazing my mom is and how much work she puts into her baking.

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I moved to the states a year and a half ago. The one thing that my sisters and I have missed more than anything are the traditions that surround the holidays especially Christmas. So when I read the article about food memories, it hit a nerve.