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In the multiple linear regression equation, b1 is the estimated regression coefficient that quantifies the association between the risk factor X1 and the outcome, adjusted for X2 (b2 is the estimated regression coefficient that quantifies the association between the potential confounder and the outcome). As noted earlier, some investigators assess confounding by assessing how much the regression coefficient associated with the risk factor (i.e., the measure of association) changes after adjusting for the potential confounder. In this case, we compare b1 from the simple linear regression model to b1 from the multiple linear regression model. As a rule of thumb, if the regression coefficient from the simple linear regression model changes by more than 10%, then X2 is said to be a confounder.

assess your understanding of MULTIPLE REGRESSION ANALYSIS and its use in corretional studies.

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This is yet another example of the complexity involved in multivariable modeling. The multiple regression model produces an estimate of the association between BMI and systolic blood pressure that accounts for differences in systolic blood pressure due to age, gender and treatment for hypertension.

This week, you have learned how to use regression in research study. In this Application, you will perform a multiple regression analysis.

When it comes to student achievement, teachers matter. Your role is to positively affect achievement in all you do. If you become a teacher, you'll soon learn, however, that there are multiple sources of variance in predicting achievement. Per Hattie (2003), "It is what students bring to the table that predicts achievement more than any other variable," accounting for about 50% of that variance (p. 1). This is followed by the influence of teachers, who account for about 30% of that variance. "It is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation" (p. 2). The home, schools (including their principals), and peer effects account for the remaining major sources of variance, about 5-10% each. But, it is excellence in teachers, not just teachers, that makes a difference (Hattie, 2003).

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Once a variable is identified as a confounder, we can then use multiple linear regression analysis to estimate the association between the risk factor and the outcome adjusting for that confounder. The test of significance of the regression coefficient associated with the risk factor can be used to assess whether the association between the risk factor is statistically significant after accounting for one or more confounding variables. This is also illustrated below.

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Suppose we now want to assess whether age (a continuous variable, measured in years), male gender (yes/no), and treatment for hypertension (yes/no) are potential confounders, and if so, appropriately account for these using multiple linear regression analysis. For analytic purposes, treatment for hypertension is coded as 1=yes and 0=no. Gender is coded as 1=male and 0=female. A multiple regression analysis reveals the following:

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Assess which multiple regression procedure would be most appropriate to analyze a contemporary social issue that you believe could have been predicted (e.g. the financial meltdown).

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whereis the predicted or expected value of the dependent variable, X1 through Xp are p distinct independent or predictor variables, b0 is the value of Y when all of the independent variables (X1 through Xp) are equal to zero, and b1 through bp are the estimated regression coefficients. Each regression coefficient represents the change in Y relative to a one unit change in the respective independent variable. In the multiple regression situation, b1, for example, is the change in Y relative to a one unit change in X1, holding all other independent variables constant (i.e., when the remaining independent variables are held at the same value or are fixed). Again, statistical tests can be performed to assess whether each regression coefficient is significantly different from zero.

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This also suggests a useful way of identifying confounding. Typically, we try to establish the association between a primary risk factor and a given outcome after adjusting for one or more other risk factors. One useful strategy is to use multiple regression models to examine the association between the primary risk factor and the outcome before and after including possible confounding factors. If the inclusion of a possible confounding variable in the model causes the association between the primary risk factor and the outcome to change by 10% or more, then the additional variable is a confounder.