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Jordana Narin’s about what she sees as her generation’s reluctance to label relationships, won the 2015 Modern Love College Essay Contest. It was chosen from nearly 1,800 personal stories on the current state of love submitted by students from 489 colleges and universities nationwide. Ms. Narin, a sophomore at Columbia University, will receive $1000.

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Following Zaleski, Fox also wonders to what extent people other than the NDEr play a part in composing an NDE report. Both note, for example, Raymond Moody's concession that he sometimes used leading questions when interviewing respondents for his 1975 (Zaleski, "Otherworldly" 149; Fox 199). Zaleski also points out that after urging his respondents to speak freely, Kenneth Ring would ask specific questions about whether his subjects encountered features of Moody's model of the NDE, such as: "[W]ere you ever aware of your physical body?" or "Did you at any time experience a light, glow, or illumination?" (Zaleski, "Otherworldly" 105-106). After Sabom allowed his patients to speak freely, he would also "delve for the elements described in " (Zaleski, "Otherworldly" 109). One wonders how much similarity would have been found between individual NDE accounts in the West had these early researchers simply asked their respondents to speak freely about their experiences without steering them in a particular direction by probing for Moody's elements.

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Daniel Jones, editor of the Modern Love column, was impressed this year with “the range of voices and material, with subjects ranging from asexuality to Tinder matches and from hooking up to purity pledges.”

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