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Other aspects of the mind-body problem arise for aspects of thephysical. For example:

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Nevertheless, in the last two decades, some interpretations have been developed intending to give a positive solution to the difficult relation between Cartesian dualism and the union of mind and body....

If this paperhas a theme, it is that, unfortunately, the mind/body problemis alive and well.

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Of all our forms of communication, one of most often forgotten (and least understood) is probably the humble art of body language: The indications we give off - generally unconsciously - by means of our posture, our gestures, our facial expressions, and even our clothes.

Cartesian dualism is a type of mind-body dualism formulated by the infamous Rene Descartes (1596-1650).

As with the knowledge argument, the issues surrounding Kripke'sargument are very much wide open. But it is important to note that mostphilosophers don't consider the issues of intentionality as seriouslyas the issue of qualia when it comes to physicalism. In differentvocabularies, for example, both Block (1995) and Chalmers (1996)distinguish between the intentional aspects of the mind orconsciousness, and the phenomenal aspects or qualia, and suggest thatit is really the latter that is the central issue. As Chalmers notes(1996; p. 24), echoing Chomsky's famous distinction, the intentionalityissue is a problem, but the qualia issue is amystery.

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According to Nagel, the integrated theory of reality needed in order to solve the mind-body problem probably will not arrive for centuries, but when it does, Ait will alter our conception of the universe as radically as anything has to date@ (Nagel 51).

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How should the Mind/Body Problem be solved? Clearly state your own preference between dualism and materialism, and explain the reasoning behind your judgment.

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In sum, we can say that there is a mind-body problem because bothconsciousness and thought, broadly construed, seem very different fromanything physical and there is no convincing consensus on how to builda satisfactorily unified picture of creatures possessed of both a mindand a body.

This view is a traditional solution to the mind-body problem

Deep within the grand mind-body dichotomy lay the problem of parcellingout the qualities to assign to the separate realms. When one embarks on this task, newpuzzles abound. The qualities which can be treated mathematically and which are thoughtnot to vary according to subjective bias are called primary. It is a short list, and itemskeep falling off it. Extension and shape are the only enduring ones. Even hardness has adifficult time keeping its place, and physical theories based on forces and fields competesuccessfully with those based on atomic particles. But the realm of colour, odour andtaste — the texture of experience — gets relegated to the domain of secondaryqualities. These are seen as less real and are the effects of the vicissitudes of matterin motion. Aspects of this concept of 'primary and secondary qualities' were developed inthe writings of Descartes, Galileo, Newton and Locke.

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In this essay, I will try and tackle Descartes claim and come to some conclusion as to whether Descartes is correct to say that the mind and body are distinct....