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After the publication of The Green Hat, Arlen becamealmost instantly famous, rich, and like celebrities today,incessantly in the spotlight and newspapers. During this period ofhis fame, the mid-1920s, Arlen frequently travelled to the UnitedStates and worked on plays and films, including "Dear Father" andThese Charming People.

There are several ways that this text relates to belonging and not belonging, all of which become increasingly obvious as the novel progresses....

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Problems I have faced in the past with this unit have hadto do with the serious paucity of stories about teens withparticular ethnic backgrounds in young adult literature. Thechallenge in my room is always to have diversity among thediverse. I constantly seek good novels about various ethnicbackgrounds that would fit a variety of reading skills andinterests, from high ability to low. Recently, I have noticed aglut of books about Asian teens, so many in fact that I haveslowed my purchase of these titles so as not to risk that mymultiethnic unit will take on a singular focus. The smallestsection of my classroom library is the Hispanic/Chicano collection. is one such book that fits well intomy unit, but I tend to reserve it for my higher ability students,and even then, it can be a struggle. Therefore, I wasvery excited to discover ,by Margarite Fernandez Olmos, which I saw as promisingto at least partially fill the hole in Hispanic literature inmy classroom by helping make more accessibleto my students.

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The Long Ships, by Frans G. Bengtsson. Ever since I wrote an essay—for the online Barnes and Noble Review—pegged to the New York Review Classics paperback of this adventure novel, I’ve wanted to own a proper hardback. This copy’s dust jacket has some losses to the spine and is a second printing, but that’s okay. I may even toss the dj. One of these days I’ll spend a happy weekend rereading this exciting, wittily written saga of Viking exploits.

Lord Steyne, a character from the novel Vanity Fair, would have been invited to many such parties were he a real person who lived in that Era.

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The above works eventually culminated into the book that wouldlaunch Arlen's fame and fortune in the 1920s: The GreenHat, published in 1924. The Green Hat was turned intoa play, starring , and a Hollywoodmovie in 1928, starring . Because The Green Hatwas considered provocative in the , the movie was not allowedto make any references to it and was therefore dubbed .

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"A gentleman is one who uses the butter knife when he eats alone and has to wash up." But Michael Arlen perhaps said the last word : "A gentleman s a man who is never rude unintentionally."One criticism of the modern (i.e Western ) way of life is that good manners are fast disappearing, and the disappearance is lamented by reflective members of both sexes.

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Naturally, after all this fame and attention, Arlen feltsomewhat anxious to write the book that would follow The GreenHat. Notwithstanding, Arlen wrote Young Men in Love(1927) and received mixed reviews.

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In 1920, Arlen also spent some time in with Nancy Cunard although she wasmarried to someone else at the time — a relationship which fuelledAldous Huxley's jealousy. During the 1920s, was a fashionable address. Michael Arlen rented rooms opposite The Grapespublic house, and later used Shepherd Market as the setting forThe Green Hat.

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In 1928, Arlen married Countess Atalanta Mercati in , France, to where he hadmoved. They had had two children, a son, Michael John Arlen born in1930, and a daughter, Venetia Arlen, born in 1933.