Drug abuse plays a major role when concerning mental health.

What where the rising cost for mental health services due to the recession.

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It describes a framework for building and fostering positive mental health across the entire community and for providing accessible, community based specialist services for people with mental illness (HSE, 2012).

(2009) Fundamentals of Mental health Nursing New York: Oxford University Press.

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There are an estimated 35,000 mental health nurses in today’s NHS workforce. The need for more high-quality staff is growing with the number of undergraduate training places increasing in 2016/17 by 100 compared to 2015/16. In total, there are 3,343 training places in universities across the country this year. Most NHS organisations advertise their job and apprenticeship vacancies on , including those who run NHS services. Some advertise on their own websites. You can find a list of NHS organisations at .If you're applying for a role either directly in the NHS or in an organisation that provides NHS services, you'll be asked to show how you think the values of the apply in your everyday work. .

Sociological knowledge plays a dynamic and elementary role within nursing profession....

The law promotes electronic medical records (EMR) and infrastructure development, such as reimbursement-based pay, to cut health care costs (Frequently Asked Questions, 2009).

Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well....

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Assessment and care plan cited in Norman I and Ryrie I
(2004) The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing: Maidenhead, Open University

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Major Courses: (36 credit hours) Nursing: NUR 1519; NUR 1524; NUR 1525; NUR 2534; NUR 2535; NUR 2549 (All Nursing major courses have pre and co-requisite courses which are listed with the course descriptions in this catalog. These courses also have clinical components that require purchase of liability insurance, immunizations and health records, registration and payment for the Clinical Hub, a clinical uniform, extensive background checks and transportation to clinical sites.)

General Education Courses: (19-20 credit hours) Psychology: PSY 1113; English: ENGL 1113; ENGL 1213; History: HIST 1483 or 1493; Political Science: POLSC 1113; CHEM 1115 or CHEM1123 and CHEM 1131

Life Skills Courses: (3 credit hour) Biology: BIO 1023

Support Courses: (13 credit hours) Chemistry: Biological Science: BIO 1314; BIO 1414; BIO 2125,


Therefore, the position of the American Nurses Association (ANA) advocate that every nursing professional have the right to work in a healthy work environment free of abusive behavior such as bullying, hostility, lateral abuse and violence, sexual harassment, intimidation, abuse of authority and position and reprisal for speaking out against abuses (American Nurses Association, 2012)....

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Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to discuss the composition of nutrients and accessory factors required for human nutrition, relate their roles in human health and disease, and describe the application of basic nutritional principles to the planning of normal and special dietary regimens.

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Nursing is a health care profession which concentrates in supporting individuals, their families, and societies as a whole in preserving, attaining and improving best possible health and functioning (Kozier, et al., 2010 pp.