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years to publish a review of the work and fifty years to translate Malthus's Essay.

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This suggestion was unmistakably outrageous given the moralitiesof the times (and would doubtless be most controversialtoday).

The Essay on the Principle of Population and other writingsencouraged the first systematic demographic studies and also hada significant influence in several ways:-

In Economics David Ricardo's, "iron law of wages" and theoryof distribution of wealth contain some elements of Malthus'theory.

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Malthus' most well known work 'An Essay on the Principle of Population' was published in 1798, although he was the author of many pamphlets and other longer tracts including 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent' (1815) and 'Principles of Political Economy' (1820). The main tenets of his argument were radically opposed to current thinking at the time. He argued that increases in population would eventually diminish the ability of the world to feed itself and based this conclusion on the thesis that populations expand in such a way as to overtake the development of sufficient land for crops. Associated with Darwin, whose theory of natural selection was influenced by Malthus' analysis of population growth, Malthus was often misinterpreted, but his views became popular again in the 20th century with the advent of Keynesian economics.

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Words from another Autobiography, this time one by Alfred Russel Wallace, are also available to us as evidence of the massively significant influence of Thomas Malthus Essay on the Principle of Population.

It was in 1858 whilst he was laid up with a malarial fever at Ternate, in the Celebes Islands, that a possible solution to the of evolution flashed into form in Wallace's mind.

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