Apparently China is witnessing serous environmental problems.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (often completing a minor in the process)

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And human nature being what it is, many people on this planet who are presently comfortable and unaffected by any of these major environmental issues will choose to ignore them until some Social Tipping Point occurs in the form of a global catastrophe to make them wise up.

As with conventional energy production, there are environmental issues to be considered.

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The major advantage of using these resources is that the environmental impact is extremely low when compared to the use of fossil fuels and other energy processes.

Senior Environmental Engineering major ValaRae Partee finds value in conducting research.

Ecological and environmental anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia examines the past and present reciprocal relationship between humans and the natural world, an increasingly complex landscape of culture and behavior patterning in the 21st century.

Opposing free trade, at least on economic grounds, is a bit harder-unless you are an environmentalist.

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Politicians, government officials, and many of the general public are more likely to act out of self interest rather than worry about major environmental issues affecting their planet. Much easier to let future generationsworry about the problem... something they most certainly won't thank us for.

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10. Democracy and the despoliation of the environment toemerge together in America. Write an essay critically evaluating this thesis,being sure to define terms such as "democracy" and"despoliation."

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In addition to providing regional education, the certificate program offers students an opportunity to complement majors in a wide array of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, geography, business, journalism, and education. Students can simultaneously satisfy the requirements of the certificate program while completing their college and university electives requirements.

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7. From the perspective of an environmental historian, assess the settlementand transformation of eastern North America from the seventeenth throughthe early nineteenth centuries.

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In general, parking creates economic and environmental problems, and even social issues, as Paul Kennedy argues in his 2013 CBC radio program Ideas, (“Paying for Parking”)....

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11. Drawing on the documents and essays in chapters 10, 11, 14, and15 of characterizethe similarities and differences between the environmental policies ofthe Progressive Era (1900-1916), the New Deal Era (1930s and '40s), andthe contemporary environmental movement (1960s-present). In your answerconsider underlying factors such as (a) economic expectations, (b) socialgoals, and (c) class, race, and gender differences, as well as explicitpolicies.