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A perfect example of an individual that is corrupted by power is Muammar Gaddafi.

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Here is a wishing well note written to a dear friend living in Kenya by a renowned ex-Kenyan writer Ramzanali Parvana.
Our prayers are not only confined to you and your entire household but for each and every single human being in Kenya regardless of his or her ethnicity, tribe affiliations, colour, creed, gender, political stripes or anything else.
The looming Kenyan elections and the legitimate fears surrounding it is currently a subject of discussion in our community within Toronto... particularly amongst those who have strong connections to Kenya either in the past or present.
The unrealistic and common thread that repeatedly comes up these days in these discussions is that this time round, the 'international' community will not sit back idle because by quietly sitting on the fence and watching the horrors of 2007 unfold many times over, will translate into serious economic repercussions because their own investments will be at stake!! What a load of BS! Why is a US dollar more important and precious than ANY HUMAN LIFE? Why is the western investment the key to ensuring a safer election? In other words in the absence of such an investment in Kenya, the big 'industrial' and former colonialists would look away just as they did in Rwanda where millions of BLACKS were literally butchered while the 'outsiders' decided if any action was required to be taken or then to just allow the violence to die a natural death!
Power corrupts and the uncontrolled greed to gain absolute power stops at nothing.... not even at one's own kith and kin! The history of Moghul empire is replete with horrific tales where human beings who were perceived with motives contrary to the rule were built into the palace walls alive! To add marvel and disgust in the same breath, these rulers were MUSLIMS!
It may be unhealthy to be a pessimist on such issues.... but 'once beaten, forever shy' is also a sensible adage. Even if the 'holocaust' is a figment of Jewish imagination, there is absolutely no denial that there was ethnic cleansing that did take place... and the only major dispute is the actual number of victims who were dispatched to eternity prematurely!
After Hitler, there have been dozens of other such senseless massacres initiated and encouraged by other individuals who wielded political power.... Shah of Iran, Saddam, USA Foreign policy under ALL presidents in the recent history, Al-Haj Sheikh Idi Amin, the heartless rulers of Bahrain and Kuwait, the impotent leaders of the Pakistan and dozens of former political leaders on the continent of Africa!
So when is this carnage going to end? Or will it have to escalate before divine intervention is required?
I do not consider myself an authority in any matter whatsoever, but this I have been told repeatedly and therefore come to believe that mankind will stoop so low.... lower than the instincts of the most vicious of wild animals - that the existing crimes against humanity and violation of human rights, the uncontrolled exploitation, humiliation and subjugation will look like a boy-scouts' picnic in a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon!
Taking a quick 'three-sixty' look around me, I see that we are worse off than we were a few years ago when we see at the atrocities prevailing in the world today.
And so while we should be positive and hopeful, we cannot afford to sweep the reality that is staring us in the eyes..... under the carpet and therefore appropriate and sensible measures and plans of action have to be at hand so as to avoid regretting at leisure!
May God hold you all in the palm of His hand and protect you all at all times. Amen.
February 2013

Lady Macbeth is one of the perfect examples of the total corruption power and ambition can cause.

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Once Macbeth realizes that he has power, he becomes a person of corruption.

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In Macbeth, a play by William Shakespeare, Macbeth corrupts through power, guilt, and ambition.

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