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Fowler, Michael. “The Life of Galileo.”University of Virginia. 1996. Available at:

Ludovico and Virginia in the Life of Galileo had a ..

Galileo have had his opinions about science for a long time, but he only expressed them after his major critics, including Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, died, and Maffeo Barberini, his old friend, became the Pope.

The author did not make his aim to show us a documentary narration about Galileo's life.

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(Galileo dismissed Kepler's tides and elliptical orbits,and later published his own incorrect explanation of tides.)Kepler ranks #75 on Michael Hart's famous list ofthe Most Influential Persons in History.

Galileo found that the speed at which bodies fall does not depend on their weight and did extensive experimentation with pendulums.

Prior to Galileo's telescope, Thomas Harriot, an mathematician and explorer from England, had already used what he dubbed a "perspective tube" to observe space.

Galileo was not the first to invent the telescope, but the first to improve it and expand the ideas of the world in that time period.

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According to this theory, no change could ever take place in the heavens, because everything in them was made of a perfect and unalterable substance called the “quintessence.” However, in October 1604, Galileo spotted a supernova and a new star was discovered and proved to be among the fixed stars, disproving Aristotle's theories....

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However, Galileo’s science and career did not get him any where farther in his life; he was forced to withdraw his theories before the inquisition, and was sentenced to indefinite imprisonment by the pope and eventually became blind....

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The work of Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo was of even greater importance in the development of a new world view.1 Many great thinkers as well as philosophers and mathematicians influenced the sixteenth century....

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In the Letter to The Grand Duchess Christina, Galileo implies that science is the means by which G-d meant for humanity to understand scriptural truths....

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Galileo Galilei's legendary dilemma and the circumstances surrounding it are presented in Bertolt Brecht's Galileo from a perspective that is clearly criticizing institutions with such controlóin this case, the Catholic churchówhile reminding us that men are simply men, no matter how heroic their actions appear....

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The reason for the two scientists' very different fortunes is simple: Galileo couldn't prove the Copernican hypothesis but Darwin was able to demonstrate the truth of his theory of evolution." In the world of Galileo proof was what was needed to succeed with a scientific hypothesis....