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The name of John Proctor could be considered his most prized possession.

John Proctor died for his name, and many other reasons.

Elizabeth Proctor has a complex role in “The Crucible,” the 1953 play that uses the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s to criticize the witch-hunt for communists during the “Red Scare” of the 1950s.

The protagonist, John Proctor, portrays a tragic hero in The Crucible.

Theme Of Pride In The Crucible English Literature Essay.

We are positioned to view Proctor’s character as the tragic hero of The Crucible one who is very much human; we find out early on in the play that he is a man who is very much beaten about by his own shortcomings and transgressions.
The tragic hero...
His momentary indiscretion caused him to commit adultery with the much younger Abigail Williams and he is racked with guilt from then onwards.
Cunning Abigail
In a way his infidelity was the catalyst that started the “witch trials”.

The change in John Proctor is quite prominent and extremely important in the play....

It could be that many of your points and evidence still work, but the whole essay probably shouldn't only focus on the last scene of the play

As for 3rd body paragraph, avoid hypothetical "ifs" in literary essays, like "The Crucible ending would be different IF John Proctor had signed the confession"...just focus on what DID happen...what are the implications of this?

In the end John Proctor tried to do the right thing by saving his wife from his own sins....

Reputation in the Crucible Free Short Essay Example

John Proctor, like every creature, is imperfect and struggles internally with the guilt of an affair, the love of his wife, and his reputation in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

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“He need not have been a partisan of any fraction in the town, but there is evidence to suggest that he had a sharp and biting way with hypocrites.” (Miller 20)

Being a Christian man, John Proctor struggles with the guilt of exercising the seventh commandment, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” How can he be a Christian if he had committed an act against God?

Arthur Miller - John Proctor's Pride and Reputation in The Crucible

Miller could have written Elizabeth Proctor, married to the adulterous , to be scornful, vengeful or pitiful, even. Instead, she emerges as the rare character, albeit a flawed one, in “The Crucible” with a moral compass.

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Although Elizabeth Proctor is reserved, slow to complain and dutiful, as many Puritan women were described, she finds it painful that her husband committed adultery with their “strikingly beautiful” and cunning young servant, . Before the affair, Elizabeth had encountered few challenges in her marriage. A palpable distance between Elizabeth and John can be felt during the first acts of the play.

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“The Crucible” script never divulges Elizabeth’s true feelings about the scandalous relationship between John and Abigail. Has she forgiven her husband? Or does she just tolerate him because she has no other recourse? Readers and audience members cannot be sure.

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Despite the uneasiness of their relationship, Elizabeth serves as Proctor’s conscience. When her husband experiences confusion or ambivalence, she prompts him on to the path of justice. When the manipulative Abigail sparks a witch-hunt in their community, of which Elizabeth becomes a target, Elizabeth urges John to put a stop to the witch trials by revealing the truth about Abigail’s sinful, destructive ways.