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Shows the beginnings of a tender relationship between a hispanic woman and a black man.

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Trick Baby is the story of the relationship between two Philly con men, Johnny "Folks" O'Brien, a white man, and "Blue" Howard, the black man who raised him.

The relationship soon sours when he meets one of her brothers and discovers she is really black.

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There was my older cousin Sarah and her new husband, our twin cousins Becky and Brad who were home from college and their younger sister Jenny who turned 18 the same day as Jill.

There was a decent job, a string of short relationships and a lot of bills.

The relationship between the black press and black women was not oppressive but symbiotic, as the black press brought benefits to black women, and the women, in turn, brought financial and editorial support to the black press.

The Jewish woman and her African American driver eventually build a relationship over many years.

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A key finding of the case studies is that in many cases, the proteges did not feel a need for mentoring, and so entered the relationship with very different goals from those of the mentors.

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In her confusion and grief, she finds consolation in the friendship of their African-American gardener, Raymond--a socially taboo relationship that leads to the further disintegration of life as she knew it.

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It also explains how an awareness of African-American culture, with its unique combination of African and Euro-American traditions, can help classroom teachers develop relationships and structure relevant learning experiences for African-American children of all ages.

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The following topics are also covered: (1) the dual socialization of African-Americans; (2) the role of the black family in shaping the personality of children and in helping children survive; (3) African-American children in single-parent families; (4) the role of the extended family and African-American institutional networks in providing emotional and social support; (5) the socialization of African-American males; (6) the social orientation of African-American females; and (7) the role of the African-American church in providing fellowship, adult role models, and material and human resources essential for the well-being of black families.

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The film emphasizes that the crucial factors in relationships between ethnic and racial groups are the political will and desire generated inside each community.

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When it becomes clear that Simon and Theresa's relationship is likely to be altar-bound, Percy finds himself suddenly full of misgivings about the young man.