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Topic: Analyze the use of figurative language in a song
■ You’ll develop your essay from the outline or graphic organizer you wrote for your previous assignment. Don’t switch your topic.

Write a reflective essay of about 1,600 words using concrete,vivid words,figurative language,and sensory imagery.

Incorporating Figurative Language into Your Paper

Write a short paragraph describing a snowstorm. In your description use five examples of different figurative language at least one time. Highlight each example of figurative language using the following list: Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Hyperbole, Symbol, Irony.

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Within the conclusion of his narrative (shown in the given passage), Frederick Douglass uses figurative language, diction, and syntax to portray such states of mind he felt after escaping slavery: relief, loneliness, and paranoia....

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This is the essay you are reading for the assignment! Read the following excerpt, paying attention to the author’s argument, style, and use of figurative language.

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Essay-Literary Analysis: For this assignment, you’ll use the outline or graphic organizer you created in the prewriting assignment to create a full analysis of figurative language in a song of your choice.

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Purpose: To write a 1,200–1,500 word essay that analyzes the figurative language and literary devices in a song to show how those elements contribute to the song’s appeal to its audience