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In 508 BCE, Athens entered its classical period, which lasted for nearly two centuries. In those two centuries, so much was invented by Greek philosophers and proto-scientists that it has been studied by scholars for thousands of years. One provocative question that scholars have posed is why the Industrial Revolution did not begin with the Greeks. The answer seems to be along the lines of Classic Greeks not having the social organization or sufficient history of technological innovation before wars and environmental destruction ended the Greek experiment. The achievements of Greece over the millennium of their intellectual fecundity are far too many to explore in this essay, but briefly, the Greeks invented: , , , the , a monetized economy, thought, such as , while developing other branches to unprecedented sophistication, and , which included the idea that . Long after the Classic Greek period was over, Hellenic intellectuals and inventors kept making innovations that had major impacts on later civilizations, such as Heron of Alexandria (or some other Greeks) inventing the and .

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During the , the Soviet Union promoted its political-economic system to newly free former colonies as a path to industrializing within a generation. was a real threat, and the is the . I doubt that John Kennedy’s murder will ever be solved, but , who in the operation that got John Kennedy killed, believed that Kennedy was killed because he began negotiating world peace. My friend’s account of Oswald’s involvement took on a with the declassification of the documents, and a recent book on the John Kennedy assassination, , also makes the case that John Kennedy was murdered because he was attempting to negotiate the Cold War's end after realizing how close the USA came to igniting a nuclear war.

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My adventures after the 1980s were milder, even though I , but I have had too much adventure and I am . As I stepped back periodically, during the quiet times, I reflected on our experiences and what our fellow travelers reported, and my views gradually changed. My initial orientation was , and that I got it the same year as my mystical awakening was likely significant for evolving my current perspective. Three years later, that , and I began developing the businessman’s perspective long before . My years with Dennis were about trying to make those teenage dreams a reality. I soon realized that my misled me about inventors in general. Nearly all , not to help the world. I never met an altruistic inventor. I soon saw many unethical and criminal acts engaged in by Dennis’s “allies.” When I told Dennis how shocking it was to see, .