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There are a few simple 'rules' which can help make your essay plan easier to construct:

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Try not to put too much detail into the plans: use keywords and phrases, make notes of important references and species names that should be included in the final essay.

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The five paragraph essay outline is easy to learn, however students should feel free to adapt it or make up their own outline until they find a style that works well for them and their topic.

More style suggestions and outline samples can be found at .

Examples of outlines:

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Assess your own work as you go along:
• Does the sentence or paragraph that you have just written make the point that you intend it to make? What is its purpose?
• Does the sentence flow logically from the text that precedes it, and into that which follows? If its import is not consistent with your outline, you may wish to move it, rework it, or eliminate it entirely.
• Have you backed up all your statements, claims, and arguments with evidence?
• Does your completed essay match the plan with which you began?

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