For a list of places to find critique partners and beta readers, .

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Contemporary Authors
Biographical and critical essays about recent and current authors worldwide. Also includes bibliographies of further readings about those authors.

The Critique Circle also includes forums as well as helpful writing tools for manuscript progress, submission tracking, character generation and more.

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The romance is not the plot, and so a story featuring two people who are fighting an overwhelming attraction to each other, for example, but doing nothing else, is unlikely to hold up for the necessary number of chapters. If the hero, on the slimmest of evidence, jumps to the conclusion that the heroine is a slut, while the heroine reacts to his first statement by writing him off as a bully, and they continue thinking of each other this way throughout the story, we have a misunderstanding, but not a conflict.

There is no hard-and-fast answer. But I’ve curated a list of sites recommended by others for finding beta readers and critique groups:

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There are lots of series which include plot synopses and basic criticism of famous novels. Frank Magill's Masterplots and Critical Surveys are reasonably reliable and most articles are written by scholars. Other sources, like Cliff's Notes, are sometimes also written by scholars, but be sure and check to see that the author has good credentials (for example, a master's degree or PhD in literature).

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Magill, Frank N., Masterplots: 2010 Plot Stories and Essay Reviews from the World's Fine Literature, Revised Edition
Plot synopses and brief critical evaluations of major works of international literature.

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Magill, Frank N., Critical Survey of Long Fiction, English Language Series, Revised Edition and Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Foreign Language Series
These two series have short biographical and in-depth critical essays on major authors and their works. Each essay also includes a brief annotated bibliography of further readings.

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In many online catalogs, you can simply do a subject search for your author's name, and then browse a list of headings which begin with that name. Good subject headings for literary criticism often include the words "criticism and interpretation." Another way to find a good subject heading is to look in the red LCSH books, which your librarian can help you find and use. Look for your author's last name, and then browse for useful headings.

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Pick out, as you read, several critical or problematic points within the play that may be of particular interest to watch for in the production you are about to attend. If your instructor has asked you to pay particular attention to certain elements, make sure that you are prepared to recognize them in performance.