In every medical office there are various uses of computers.

 The history of the computer dates back all the way to the prehistoric times.

But what can be done without the development of computer languages?

The real answer is that many inventors contributed to the history of computers and that a computer is a complex piece of machinery made up of many parts, each of which can be considered a separate invention." (The History of Computers- Mary Bellis) In simpler terms for those whose expertise are lacking in the technical world; a PC can take information from a keyboard, floppy disk, or modem and process it....

When this computer was turned on for the first time lights dim in sections of Philadelphia.

The Making of the Micro: A History of the Computer.

Although most people recognize Eckert and Mauchy as the persons accountable for the computer industry, historians are beginning to recognize a more unfamiliar history of the computer, its roots in the military establishment....

Computers of this generation could only perform single task, and they had no operating system.

As strange as this might sound, there was a time when a single computer would take up an entire room and still not be able to do a fraction of what an iphone can do.

The ancient Greeks developed some very sophisticated analog computers.

Thus,the Second Generation of computers was born.

However, Crazy Computers Retailers does not offer primary obligation and thus should not recognize the initial commission collected from premium policies as gross revenue....

The Japanese are now working on the Fifth Generation of computers.

Microsoft not only markets computer hardware products such as the Microsoft mouse and the Microsoft Natural keyboard, but it also manufactures and sells home entertainment products including, the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Zune....

Computers have become an important part of the world.

Richard Milner and Vittorio Maestro are senior editors of Natural History magazine. Natural History is published by The American Museum of Natural History. The museum was created in 1869 in New York City, U.S.A. and the magazine was established in 1900.

The development of the computer has changed the way we live and work.

During the siege, Paris urgently appealed to Washington for U.S. warplanes to bomb Viet Minh positions. President Eisenhower was prepared to militarily intervene, but lack of international and domestic support persuaded him otherwise. British leader Winston Churchill, who had warned in 1946 of an “iron curtain” being drawn across Europe, now advised the American president to let the French colony go, recognizing that historical conditions had changed (the British reluctantly gave up India, the crown of the empire, in 1947).

Computers get smaller and smaller; the birth of nano-technology.

I realised then that never before in human history had it been possible to lose an entire 28 volume encyclopedia by dropping it behind a piece of furniture.

The computer industry has existed through much of history....

Computers are a vital asset in education because they increase intellectual development, creativity, and promote correlations between teachers and students.