I'm really honored to be given the chance to speak at our graduation.

When I was first told that I was going to be the speaker for graduation, I was overcome.

Achievement Goals/Hard Work Here we are high school graduates.

It's very important to practice your speech before giving it. This will give you a chance to troubleshoot any problem spots, cut boring parts, and add elements if you're running short. If you possibly can, try practicing with the microphone in the location where you'll actually be graduating (sometimes that's possible just before the event). This will give you a chance to experience the sound of your voice as it's magnified, figure out where to stand, and get past any butterflies in your stomach.

Today I have been asked to speak about graduation past, present and future.

A few weeks ago, I was told that I would be speaking at graduation.

There are those who are already pondering about what life without high school will be like; those who are debating whether or not to tell your crush tonight about your whispers of adoration you’ve secretly held for four years; some simply want to get out of that ungodly chair, get that thing that isn’t really a diploma but only tells you when to pick up the thing, and then be the first one on the green bus to the grad party — you know who you are....

For days, I toiled over what to speak about, worried that as you sat there anxious to graduate I would bore you, or say the wrong thing.

As you prepare your speech, you will need to think about all the events of your shared experience and the people who participated. That includes popular students, unpopular students, quiet students, class clowns, teachers, principals, professors, deans, and other school employees.

As we sit here at graduation, having suffered and prospered through four years at County High School, it is hard to forget the memories we've shared.

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In fact it is probably a mistake that I am even graduating from this school at all -- believe me, just as most people in this class I have tested the limits of attendance, of sleeplessness, and of procrastination.

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As the first-ever international student speaker on commencement, I am very honored to be here tonight to be given this opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduating class of the 2003.

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Considering that weird phenomena, the regular essayist for Time Magazine Amy Dickinson wrote an essay “Graduation Inflation” to present her views on this peculiar social issue in current society.

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Special educational opportunities for students include an Inclusive Special Education Program, Content-based English Language Learner Instruction, Credit Recovery Opportunities, High Speed Internet Access, Nurse Assistant Class, Reading Classes, Tutoring Program, and Enrichment School.

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Year 4, US History 1877 to the Present, includes one semester of modern American literature and one semester of speech. At least nine classic novels are read from this time period, each analyzed using a novel review in the lesson plans covering plot, characters, theme, and woldview. Writing a research paper is highly recommended.

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