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Looking at today's society, there is a lot of exploitation and hegemony among certain groups....

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The dominance and superiority that is assigned to males who are in the education system that shows clear signs of hegemony often results in early detection of possible learning difficulties that a boy-child may have. This is because the teachers are inclined to pay more attention to the male students. This means that such challenges get to be addressed at an early stage and hence enabling males with learning disabilities to get the much needed remedial help that has the effect of boosting such a student’s performance. These students alternatively get to be directed towards the right subjects such as arts which they have a higher chance of excelling in than conventional academic subjects.

Not all men and their practices, fall within the hegemonic masculine “category”.

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Families that lived in both the rural and urban areas are subjected to Hegemony.

Gramsci (1971) explains structural violence in terms of cultural hegemony wherein the “civil society” works tirelessly in ‘manufacturing consent” and getting legitimacy for the oppression by the dominant class....

The cultures of colonialism and competitive nature to obtain wealth through exploitation were the main driving force of hegemony.

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developed the concept of cultural hegemony based on that the dominant ideology of society reflected the beliefs and interests of the ruling class. He argued that consent to the rule of the dominant group is achieved by the spread of dominant ideologies -- a collection of world views, beliefs, assumptions, and values -- via social institutions like education, media, family, religion, politics, and law, among others. Because institutions do into the norms, values, and beliefs of the dominant social group, if a group controls the institutions that maintain social order, then that group rules all others in society.

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Cultural hegemony is most strongly manifested when those ruled by the dominant group come to believe that the economic and social conditions of their society are natural and inevitable, rather than created by people with a vested interest in particular social, economic, and political orders.

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Hegemony as a phenomenon manifests itself in education systems. This is usually a direct effect of the culture of the surrounding community or society from which the scholars are drawn from. Majority of the world’s societies are patrilineal. This is to say that the male members are considered superior in a variety of ways. In such societies, reasons given for this practice include the physical strength of the men and ideas that have been passed down from their ancestors through the generations. It is important to note that in a hegemonic society, the dominance imposed by the group deemed superior is not applied by force. As a matter of fact, it is widely consented among those who are being dominated(Woods, 2011).

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Hegemony in Education does not operate in a vacuum; it is witnessed in a system that is constructed by both the learners and teachers. No one party can exclusively receive credit or blame for the issue of male dominance in the education system. Teachers propagate it primarily in a subconscious manner that seldom crosses their minds when they are dealing with the students. School authorities too have a major role to play in the whole matter of hegemony. The cultures from which the pupils are sourced from also plays a crucial role in moulding the children into young people who believe that the hegemony that is in force in the education system is something very normal rather than an issue that requires immediate action to rectify the situations.