A systematic review of telemonitoring technologies in heart failure.

The experience of living with chronic heart failure: a narrative review of qualitative studies.

Overview of heart failure and its current issues1.

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a condition which occurs when the heart muscle is unable to pump sufficient blood to the body (Grady et al., 2000). The care approach will involve making the right diagnosis and creating an effective treatment plan. Mr. P will undergo diagnostic procedures such as cardiac catheterization, echocardiography and cardiac nuclear stress imaging. The nurse and cardiologist will work closely with Mr. P to ensure that the treatment is effective and also provide information on a healthy lifestyle and diet. The patient will be put on a diet with low fat and sodium and advised not to take stimulants. He will also undergo a change in lifestyle including an exercise program and stress reduction (Grady et al., 2000). Several medications will be administered to ease the symptoms, reduce exertion of the heart muscle, regulate the heartbeat and improve the pumping ability of the heart.

Research directed at improving the prognosis and quality of life for heart failure sufferers.

Statistics: number of individuals diagnosed with heart failure2.

1. Describe the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure.
a. Differentiate between left and right heart failure.
b. Identify risk factors and primary causes of CHF.

Cost of heart Failure-Related Hospitalizations in Patients Aged 18 to 64 years.

- The frequency of congestive Heart Failure is rising to an alarming rate internationally, nationally and locally in Hawaii due to the increasing elderly population.

Standard or traditional heart failure management2.

It is a major cause of congestive heart failure.

* Good news: In contrast to studies of selected patient populationswith various illnesses from decades ago, black and whitepeople with congestive heart failure seem to get equally good treatment (JAMA 289: 2517, 2003).

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We're only starting to make sense of the histopathology, and so far it's either common-senseanatomy or "normal vessels that must be reacting abnormally.""Coronary microvasculardisease" and how difficult it is to study: NEJM 356: 830, 2007 -- causes includethe familiar arteriolar sclerosis of hypertension, the strange musclingof the little arteries in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a poorly-understood changecaused by aortic stenosis, and Fabry's (extreme; Heart 92: 357, 2006).

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The one time you might see it is in longstanding, severe tricuspid insufficiency, with or without right-sided failure (why?) If you are this sick,"cardiac cirrhosis" is probably the least of your worries.

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Patients may throw the windows openat night, or learn to sleep on various numbers of pillows; you the physician will hear rales; the pathologist may see "brown induration" and hemosiderin-laden "heart failure" macrophages; remember these?

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* Watch galectin-3, both as a molecule produced by macrophagesin the failing heart that causes the fibroblasts to make collagen,as a serum marker for severity of congestive heart failure, and asa target for therapy.

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