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Hard work and effort will not always be rewarded in the way the laborer expects or desires.

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Lots of money is proof of a good work ethic. If you don’t have the job you want, with the pay you want, you’re supposed to work harder, and you’ll eventually be rewarded.

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This is excellent. I don’t have kids of my own, but nieces and nephews and I am always horrified at the ways we motivate and appreciate them differently. My usual approach is activity-based; I like encouraging my nieces when they play soccer or softball or whatever, because (just like reading or puzzles) it’s an opportunity to praise their effort and achievement. Also I like to reinforce the idea that maintaining a healthy body & active lifestyle isn’t just for the sake of looks.

When true effort and hard work are given for something, they are always rewarded

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All hail SMART! I remember being so fixated on appearance in high-school that it was painful. Here are the points that I should have realized then:
1) Pretty wasn’t going to get me into university. I am now working on my Ph.D. in biology.
2) Pretty wasn’t going to get me the grades I needed to maintain.
3) Pretty wasn’t going to get me a job in my field of interest.
4) Pretty wasn’t going to get my papers published. No scientist sends mug shots in with their research write-ups.
5) Pretty did not lead to me meeting my husband. He thinks the whole package is beautiful, but he always says that he has never been interested in someone who lacks intelligence.
For as smart as I was in high-school, appearance was the one place where I woefully idiotic. I was too obsessed with thinking that I wasn’t pretty enough. I also had a constant stream of people telling me how pretty my younger sister was. It took me awhile to mentally overcome that conditioning.
Be smart. Beauty – true beauty – comes from passion in your life and interests. Intelligence will give you that passion.

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Rah. You got it.
It’s all too easy to fall into the ‘I love that dress’ habit…and while it may be true that the kid, or the dress (or shoes, hair…whatever) are super cute – and it may be an appreciated compliment, as a mother of a girl I have to say that I’m always looking for ways to remind my daughter that there are qualities she has that are admirable that are not appearance-based. She gets that enough, but I want the message to be that her intelligence, curiosity, artistic abilities and other skills are equally valuable.

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This is a fabulous article. As a young adult watching my many siblings grow up, I agree with much that was said.
However, as many people have already touched on, I think it is about balance. I was always praised for intelligence, and I still have trouble believing I am beautiful, embracing my femininity, and being “girly.”
If a girl is only conversed with about her mind, beauty will be harder for her to see in herself. The same is true of a girl who’s beauty is the only thing recognized.
Balance is, I believe, an important thing to consider.

I learned that hard work will always be rewarded.

Thanks for this. I have a young son, 14, who is very conscious of his appearance. Has been since he could talk. He has a lot of girl-friends that I take home from school and I am always asking them what they learned in school today. One positive thing and one negative thing. And how they can work through the negative. They are all teenagers and I want to help them to love themselves they way they are. It’s hard and frustrating to hear them talk down about themselves. Thanks for your words.