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I personally recommend using a blended method and making both handwritten and typed notes.

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From looking at the benefits of handwriting and typing, I think it depends on the type of writing. If you want to write something in an attempt to remember it better or for other cognitive reasons, you may want to write it by hand. If you’re writing an essay and need to finish it quickly or want to share it with others easily, maybe typing is a better fit.

She also discusses personal anecdotes of people enjoying handwriting over typing.

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So I began scanning all my handwritten notes AND printing my typed notes. I used one physical folder per module and put all my notes in order. There were some handwritten notes I’d made studying at a café, typed notes at my desk, hand drawn mindmaps, typed quizzes, scribbled essay plans and printed reflections.

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Intuitively it would be appealing to allow students the choice of handwriting or typing, but Handwriting vs typing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard 16 Dec 2014 Some neuroscientists think that giving up handwriting will impact on how future generations learn to read.

Whereas handwritten notes can get messy when you add extra points, typed notes can easily be edited.

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But whether it makes any difference, in this regard, which form of handwriting is taught is less clear. In a brain-imaging study on older children, James says that she observed “no brain differences between the two styles of writing.” The type of handwriting doesn’t matter to such haptic feedback and reinforcement, she says, as long as children are creating the letter by hand and not tracing it.

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I typed my notes for a few years then set myself a challenge to handwrite them for 30 days. It was hard at first but I completely changed my mind. My preference now is still to handwrite most of my notes but I add in typed elements. Try out some new methods and formats and you might surprise yourself and find a way of notetaking that’s more effective.

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Rather than putting so much effort into handwriting, we’re freed up to concentrate on what matters most — the words and ideas. But, some studies show that the act of handwriting is better for the brain than keyboarding. Also: that we express more ideas when writing by hand.

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You can also rework your notes. You may prefer to type your notes in class as its faster, then turn them into mindmaps or outlines after. Or you may prefer to handwrite your notes but create typed quizzes at the end of each section.

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Where you need to record your own thoughts quickly then typing is the way to go as your fingers can move as fast as your brain. For example, when you’re writing an essay, it makes sense to use a computer. But for recording and understanding information you want your brain to move faster than your fingers to help you filter the key information. So handwriting on these occasions might be better.