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Habit 1 - Be Proactive Being proactive is more than taking initiative

Still one can’t suppress the thought: What if there is truly a way of taking matters into our own hands, becoming passively proactive instead of being reactive, waiting for the next blow all the time?!

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15/01/2018 · Habit 1 : Be Proactive

Visit the from the Education Development Center's Mathematical Practice Institute (MPI). This blog began January 2014 and is intended to explore mathematical habits of mind or ways of thinking about mathematics in K-16. Such habits are "also recognizable today in the Standards for Mathematical Practice." The goal is to provide a vehicle for exploring ideas "to bring serious mathematics to all learners" (Welcome post, January 15, 2014). The MPI developed a five-part webinar series for , which is designed for middle and high school educators. The series provides useful tips to "help you engage all students in enjoyable, challenging learning that enables them to "puzzle through problems" and excel."

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