I was putting on my great-coat to visit Madame la Contessa G.

for human personality the blind, mechanical power of the State.

Such a system marks the end of individualism.

Although 1,000 essays might sound much it really isn't near complete. If you can't find what you need here, you can order it from our long time sponsor The Paper Store.

is Philosophy teaching by Experience.

the essence of innumerable Biographies.

The art of writing true dramatic dialogue is an austere art, denying itself all license, grudging every sentence devoted to the mere machinery of the play, suppressing all jokes and epigrams severed from character, relying for fun and pathos on the fun and tears of life.

will pass for a more or less instructive Gazetteer ...

Stubbs leads us to view this incorporation of London as marking two significant changes: (1) the victory of the communal principle over the old shire organization, and (2) the triumph of the London merchant, over the noble.

This Hall of Tinville's is dark, ill-lighted except where she stands.

assent and authority [of parliamnet] ...

When I wrote I listened to ten songs on a loop. "The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron & Wine is my favorite song from that soundtrack, but whenever Ben Bridwell's high, haunting voice filled my ears, I got a little shiver that I can still feel today.

[Indeed, all law was to come from parliament].

And it requires battery and barricade, songs in the streets, and ragged men dead for an idea, to produce and justify the terrible flower of French indecency."

The officers and servants of the Crown ...

I've received a lot of asking me how I write. The simple answer is, I write late at night, with my headphones on, listening to music. These are some songs I really like, especially for writing. They frequently find a place on my midnight playlist. I hope you like them, too.

might be sued in an action for damages ...

Sometimes a story should feel like a punch in the gut, like a kick in the head. Whenever I want to snap someone off, I listen to these guys. "The Northern" or "Pulmonary Archery" or all get the job done, but "Midnight Regulations" is probably my favorite song of theirs, at least right now. The opening guitar crunch is fucking balls.

[and] were liable to criminal process ..."

Some qualities of the poem I can appreciate; but always in its presence I am weighed down by the consciousness that my deficiency in some perception debars me from undreamed of privileges."