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While one can make their own judgments and decide for oneself, I believe that there are a few aspects that are absolutely necessary to live a good life.

Hobbes claims that only basic survival is necessary to live a good life because ultimately life is more valuable than comfort.

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As you write your paper, you may also think about a universal ethics or an ethics based on relativism and culture and how this distinction has worked in your personal or professional life. Write about your personal journey toward the good life and how it can be obtained. Use Victor Frankl and the conversation of The Republic as a foundation but please provide your personal insights and observations.

These values should allow him/her to enjoy the good life in spite of time progression and outside influences such as material wealth....

Without the journey, however, Siddhartha would not have been able to attain the knowledge, and ultimately the wisdom, necessary for him to appreciate the ‘good life’.

Rather, the good life for a person is the active life of functioning well in those ways that are essential and unique to humans....