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Shortly after the thirteenth amendment was ratified, stating that: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The southern governments enacted a series of Black Codes that were purposefully meant to keep blacks “as near to a state of bondage as possible.” Bla...

His masters’ wife taught him the alphabet which was the start of Douglass learning how to write and speak out against slavery.

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There was another movement (more liberal) that also was against slavery, but in contrast to the abolitionists it supported the idea of gradual slavery cessation. In the presidential election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln ran on a Republican platform of resistance to the expansion of slavery, and was elected with a narrow margin in the popular vote (Harpen R., Dal Lago E., p. 345). Proclamation of Lincoln’s course against slavery was the last straw, which caused Northern states to secede from the Union and unleash Civil War. The opening shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, facing Charleston: on April 12 (1861), southern soldiers attacked the federal garrison, and two days later the fort surrendered (Harpen R., Dal Lago E., p. 345). Although there may be other causes of Civil War, we can see that slavery was the primary one.

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Since premature declaration of emancipation as a war aim would have shattered the coalition and likely cost Lincoln the support he needed to wage the war. Emancipation would become politically feasible only when a majority of Northerners, civilians and military personnel alike, grasped that the Union and slavery were incompatible. Once that point was reached in late 1862, the war assumed an entirely new character (Barney W., p. 114) and it became possible to declare its highly moral purpose and mask any other motives related to lust for power.

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The first day of the new 1863 was marked by the entry into force of the Declaration on the liberation of the black slaves in the rebellious states.

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Finally, we conclude that slavery was the primary cause of the Civil War, although there were some other minor reasons behind. Differences in economic and social development of the North and South, and opposing viewpoints on the social structure and economic development were incompatible. South considered slavery as optimal way for economic growth, while North claimed it was morally wrong to keep other humans in bondage and that Union had to reject slavery. Proclamation of Lincoln’s course against slavery unleashed the Civil War.

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Through the words of somebody who endured slavery, we can only get a taste of what it was like, for we will never truly know the feeling of the severe physical punishment and the cruelty the slaves endured.

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Returning to the role of abolitionists we should notice their contribution to ratification of the 13th Amendment, which eliminated the possibility that wartime measures against slavery might be overturned by the courts or reversed by the Southern states after the war (Barney W., p. 315) and de jure put end to slavery.