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Persuasive language: writing an essay on the author's persuasive techniques.

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[…] Whenever you want to inform a specific topic, the way to write is different, just as the words, the vocabulary, and the method. The genders in literature are diverse, with different meanings and focus. Never the less a wri… […]

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This technique moves the reader from the specifics of a paper or essay to a larger, perhaps even universal, point. It redirects the readers, giving them something meaty to chew over. You can demonstrate the importance and broad significance of your topic by using an appropriate analogy, tying the topic to a larger philosophic or political issue, posing a challenging question, or encouraging the reader to look to the future.

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Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.

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For critical things such as when fundraising, your copy is incredibly important. But the messaging is super hard to get right if you do not know what you are doing.
The first intention is to write far more than one should. It took me years to figure out that less is more.

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Hi Ann,
This was definitely a great read. I’m into poetry and seriously this gives me more of an open mind how to write and what to write. Your right…my words do matter, whether through raw emotions or just trying to explain what you can’t tell someone face to face on a daily basis. I’m always lost for words but once the words flow, I’m there drafting and finding what other ways to be a much effective writer.

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I heard it said that good writers are birthed from very painful or very good experiences. My understanding is that experiences enable a person to look deep within. Once we are able to understand better who we are then we are able to better express ourselves. Obviously good writing requires more than an ability to look within. Would you agree that experiences help to flourish a person’s ability to write?

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Thank you for this post, Ann. We are in the process of increasing the number of fresh content on our website. That means a lot of writing,researching and editing!

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“Literary novels can be difficult to understand” ha ha! I’m guessing your characterization “ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek” was itself tongue-in-cheek, Jane. I love this post!I have also loved long sentences, and the effects one can achieve with varied sentence length, since I was forced to read literary novels in high school. In fact, my love for long sentences and complex constructions reaches out of my writing and into my speech.

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BONUS: Good writing has a good editor. Writers get the byline and any glory. But behind the scenes, a good editor adds a lot to process.