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The Global History and Geography Regents exam is divided into three parts with a three-hour time limit to complete.
Part I - 50 standard multiple-choice questions with four answer choices. A separate answer sheet for Part I is provided and should be located at the back of the question booklet.
Part II - One thematic essay question. This essay must be well organized, include an introduction, several paragraphs addressing a given task, and a conclusion.
Part III A - Eight short answer questions, each accompanied by a document. You are required to answer all of the questions using the information supplied in the matching document.
Part III B - Document Based Essay. You are required to write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs addressing a given task, and a conclusion, using evidence from at least four of the accompanying documents to support your response.

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Global History and Geography - New York REGENTS High School. Part II - Thematic Essay. Regents June 2016 Exam Global History and Geography view with answers.

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Both the thematic essay and document-based question essay are accompanied by a scoring rubric that explains how each will be graded. The weight of each part is as follows:

Global Regents Thematic and DBQ Essay Help - How to Write Them