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In this essay it will be said wether genetic engineering is ethical or unethical.

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This essay will discuss the eugenics, the religious point of view about genetic engineering, genetically modified food and the genetic screening of embryos.

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Genetic Engineering and Cloning changes the natural possess in humans, plants, and animals....

2. In the case of humans, their permission is taken for genetic engineering. Further, for certain experiments, they are paid ‘inducement money’ and in the case of failure, they are given a generous compensation. In contrast, in the case of animals, genetic engineering is done without their permission or any compensation which is patently mean and unfair.

Of course nobody cares for a less-than-perfect child whose genetic makeup was left to fate.

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Safety regarding genetic engineering is a major concern and Huang’s publication highlights this point. However, this publication forces the community to address whether scientists should use non-viable or discarded embryos to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the CRISPR/Cas9 system. The CRISPR/Cas9 system was developed for human genome targeting in 2012 and since then has seen rapid improvements. If it is decided that unviable embryos can be used for this type of research, the next step for US lawmakers is to evaluate new guidelines for the funding and safety of genetic engineering in these embryos.

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The Jain Muniji said: "We hold that all life is precious - be it human or animal. But unfortunately the sanctity of animal life is not recognized and if, during the course of genetic engineering it loses its life, no remorse is felt. The dead body is just carted away. Bhagwan Mahavir has summed up this philosophy very succinctly thus: ‘What we cannot give, we have no right to take. We cannot give life, so we have no right to take life."

the process of genetic engineering is unethical and should be ceased

To test the validity of my views, I put the same question to Hindu Swamis, Jain Munis, Buddhist Monks and Sikh Saints. At first they frankly said that they had absolutely no idea as to what genetic engineering was. On my briefly explaining the application of genetic engineering to animals, all of them gave more or less the same answer:

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Who are we to manipulate nature? However, for all those who suffer from genetic diseases the answer is not so simples; if we can safely prevent severe genetic diseases and create healthy humans, why not manipulate nature? Have we not already done this in other animal populations? At this time the long term effects of genome editing remain unknown, raising additional questions. As the field progresses, with appropriate regulations and guidelines it will eventually co-exist alongside other major controversial topics including nuclear power and genetically modified organisms. Since ethics are different across the world, creating international guidelines will be a challenge, but a necessity. Strict regulations are in place for nuclear power, the same should be possible for genetic engineering of human embryos. To outlaw genetic engineering entirely will be potentially declining a place at the discussion table, as the further utilization of CRISPR/Cas9 technology is unlikely to be abandoned.