Gay Adoption Essay ; Should Gay Couples Be Able to Marry?

This leads to the topic of the argument, should same sex couples be allowed to adopt

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All people wishing to adopt should be taken (Im sure they are) case by case and or course whats always in the best interests of the child . I see no reason why gay couples should be excluded from that process .

In addition, the government has to realize that religion should not play a role in whether or not gays should be able to adopt as a couple....

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Nebraska policy prevented unmarried couples, gay or straight, from fostering or adopting state wards until 2012, when the state started allowing gay couples to become foster parents, ultimately placing foster children with 15 same-sex couples, according to the .

To continue with my position, gay marriage should be allowed so that same-sex couples can have the chance to adopt.

Yes so called “gay-adoption” should be allowed. It is not about parents’ right to adopt, it is about children right to be adopted. It is our duty to make sure that children are growing up in families, that they have somebody who loves them, that they are not alone. Having two loving mothers is a dream for a child who has noone.

Should gay couples be allowed to adopt essay

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All people that want to adopt children should be taken case by case and it’s important to check whats always in the best interests of the child . I see no reason why gay couples should be excluded from that process .
It is much better for orphans to have a home, where they are loved, than living in a children’s home.

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In Alabama, married gay couples will be allowed to adopt a foster child, but they’ll have to wait longer than most—the state requires married couples interested in adopting to have been married for a year before beginning the adoption process.

Debate: Should Same-Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt?

OF COURSE! Some people here are unbelivable in the way they see this issue. Of course it should become an EU wide policy. Those who say it should be state level – since when human rights are dealt with at state level? The universal declaration of human rights state that every human is equal, therefore have equal rights. Loving someone of your own sex should not be an obstacle for anyone to provide a home for a kid, anywhere! Gay people do know what is love and care just like the straight people. Think about it, if straight people gave birth to gay people, what does that say to you? Think and stop judging people for their sexual orientation and even attempt to decide for what they are capable of doing or not. This law should be implemented at EU level and all states in the EU should be bound to recognise the parenthood of gay couples for adopted children, because no other human can grant the rights of another human.