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Funny how they ‘deny’ this, but if you watch the interview with Fox News, the Darmouth student admits it happened and says he wished the media didn’t focus on something only a few protestors did for only 30 seconds, when the whole protest was at least 20 minutes. THAT IS HIS WORDS. but, white people are racist, black people are relentless victims of white racism and that explains everything.

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1. I am involved in several mentoring programs/platforms 2. I obvious have acquired “special knowledge that will help me be a knowledgeable, more informed citizen or more desirable hire after graduation” seeing that I work at one of the top/elite financial firm in the world so be quiet with that nonsense. What you fail to realize is the large scope of the issue being discussed. Dartmouth is a microcosm when speaking of race related issues, but as a former student it is important to examine the state of (or previous state of) your environment. I have every right to critique the relevance of the issue as it relates to Dartmouth. What you fail to realize is that in our actions we are fighting for that 99% that have it far worse than we do. Seeing that myself and others I know at Dartmouth have come from very adverse situations, it is important that we use our platform and access as ivy league educated to advocate for those less fortunate and those with a smaller platform. How is critiquing your former institution “not showing gratitude”. I love Dartmouth, but if you learn anything in college, it’s to examine and challenge all aspects of learning, society, and ideas. If such were not the case, why would one even attend such a school?

But we know about writing college application essay videos. The most people stay away from georgia.

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It’s my observation that the BLM crowd are upper-middle-class and rich-kid blacks being handed their one opportunity in life to front like they’s field niggaz, and live the Tarantino fantasy of violent defiance – before returning to being the tray-carrying, impeccably-mannered and comfortably-affluent house niggaz they were raised (in suburbia) to be. That’s why this is useless college-kid noise and nonsense. If you didn’t realize when the BLM tweets equating the Paris atrocities to insensitive e-mails from professors (with the distinction that their own suffering is far far worse) began appearing on the 14th, then forget college – you could use a refresher, heavy on the remedial reading.

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I am in complete agreement with your statements here. I do not know if this group had to gain a permit to demonstrate in the courtyard or not – I would presume there was some notification about the congregation. However, the minute the group left the outdoor space and entered the facility of the library, college employees or security should have called for law enforcement. Each and every student or imported protester should have been booked for breaking the law. And the school should have followed suit with a review of their status on campus. If any other group mob had done this same thing to any other bystander group, the response institutional response would have been different., It is a disgrace that the vice provost chose to apologize to this group of individuals for negative press. In fact this group of misguided individuals should be apologizing to the campus, the town, and especially their peers. It seems that this country has lost sight of right and wrong. How can this group believe that their actions have promoted any clearer understanding or solidarity of thought? This bullying tactic might work in an unfree environment where groupthink predominates, but it has no place in a free society. Dartmouth, what are you?