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Romanell (1949) held that Croce and Dewey at least share the view thatart is about aesthetic experience. However, Dewey's definition of thesubject-matter of philosophy of art as aesthetic experience (whichtreats it as a special type of experience) is inconsistent with hisdefinition of it as the aesthetic phase of experience. Also, whenDewey speaks of aesthetic experience he is not functionalist and isnot consistent with his pragmatism. Dewey should have held that justas there is no such thing as religious experience, there is no suchthing as aesthetic experience. Dewey (1950) replied that everynormally complete experience is aesthetic in its consummatory phase,that the arts and their experience are developments of this primaryphase, and that there is nothing inconsistent in this. Where Romanellsees incompatibility Dewey sees continuity of development. Ames (1953)provides an excellent defense against Dewey's critics up to this pointin time. However Susanne Langer (1954) attacked Dewey for holding that aesthetic values must be direct satisfactions or instrumental values, conflating the aesthetic with the mundane (Kruse 2007).

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Dewey observes that inspiration has often been attributed to a muse orgod because it is based on unconscious sources. It involves innermaterial finding objective fuel to burn. The act of expression bringsto completion the act of inspiration by means of this material. For animpulsion to lead to expression there must be conflict, a place whereinner impulse meets the environment. The tribal war dance for examplerequires the uncertainty of an impending raid for its excitement. Theemotion is not complete in itself within the individual: it is aboutsomething objective. Thus, emotion is implied in a situation, forexample a situation may be depressing or threatening.

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A baby learns that it gains attention when it cries. As it becomesaware of the meaning of its actions it performs those previously blindacts on purpose. In this way, consequences are incorporatedas the meaning of future doings. The baby is then capable ofexpression. Primitively spontaneous acts, for example smiles, arethereby converted into means of rich human intercourse. Similarly, theart of painting uses paint to express imaginative experience.

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Roger Fry checks into this fight on shaky ground.Roger Fry : An Essay in Aesthetics | mehdi hamedi Roger Fry : An Essay in Aesthetics.

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First, although Dewey seems to write in an almost folksy style, hisphilosophical prose is often difficult and dense. Second, the bookearly on had the misfortune of receiving two reviews that negativelyimpacted its reception. The first, by an avowed follower, StephenPepper, complained that it was not truly pragmatist and that Dewey hadreverted to an earlier Hegelianism (Pepper 1939). The second, byBenedetto Croce, seemed to confirm this (Croce 1948). Croce, widelyseen as Hegelian himself, saw so many similarities between Dewey'swork and his own that he accused Dewey of lifting his ideas. Dewey(1948) insisted otherwise, but the sense that there was something tooHegelian in Art as Experience remained. This did not stopmany philosophers, educators, and other intellectuals from producingworks in aesthetic theory that were strongly influenced by Dewey. Evenbefore Art as Experience Dewey's writings on aesthetics andart influenced, and were influenced by, such writers as: Mary Mullen(1923), who taught seminars on aesthetics and was Associate Directorof Education for the Barnes Foundation; Lawrence Buermeyer (1924), whowas another Associate Director of Education at the Barnes Foundation;Albert Barnes (1928); and Thomas Munro (1928). After the book'spublication his followers included Irwin Edman (1939), Stephen Pepper(1939, 1945, 1953), Horace Kallen (1942), Thomas Munro again (numerousbooks) and Van Meter Ames (1947, 1953). Art historian Meyer Schapirowas one of his students.

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Fry admits that art is aesthetic Essays - Articles, Term papers Topics & examples roger fry an essay in aesthetics, aesthetic essay, In persuasive essay try to convince a reader to adopt your opinion or consider an idea from different angle.Roger fry essay in aesthetics | Danen ChemRoger fry essay in aesthetics.