Indeed, historical friends are a blessing to have.

The kids in the video talked about making space for their friends to go through changes.

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Brink (1999) criticizes Whiting’s account of friendship as tooimpersonal because it fails to understand the relationship offriendship itself to be intrinsically valuable. (For similarcriticisms, see Jeske 1997.) In part, the complaint is the same asthat which Friedman (1989) offered against any conception offriendship that bases that friendship on appraisals of thefriend’s properties (cf. the 3rd paragraph of above): such a conception of friendship subordinates our concern forthe friend to our concern for the values, thereby neglecting whatmakes friendship a distinctively personal relationship. GivenWhiting’s understanding of the sense in which friends sharevalues in terms of their appeal to the intrinsic and impersonal worthof those values, it seems that she cannot make much of the rebuttal toFriedman offered above: that I can subordinate my concern for certainvalues to my concern for my friend, thereby changing my values in partout of concern for my friend. Nonetheless, Brink’s criticismgoes deeper:

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Friendship essentially involves a distinctive kind of concern for yourfriend, a concern which might reasonably be understood as a kind oflove. Philosophers from the ancient Greeks on have traditionallydistinguished three notions that can properly be called love:agape, eros, and philia. is a kind of love that does not respond to the antecedent value ofits object but instead is thought to create value in thebeloved; it has come through the Christian tradition to mean the sortof love God has for us persons as well as, by extension, our love forGod and our love for humankind in general. By contrast, and philia are generally understood to be responsive to themerits of their objects—to the beloved’s properties,especially his goodness or beauty. The difference is thateros is a kind of passionate desire for an object, typicallysexual in nature, whereas originally meant a kind of affectionate regard or friendly feelingtowards not just one’s friends but also possibly towards familymembers, business partners, and one’s country at large (Liddellet al., 1940; Cooper, 1977a). Given this classification of kinds oflove, philia seems to be that which is most clearly relevantto friendship (though just what philia amounts to needs to beclarified in more detail).

Tell the child about the different kinds of friendships (good and bad) you had at this age, and the important things you've learned about friendship.

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An important question to ask, however, is what precisely is meant bythe “sharing” of a sense of value. Once again there areweaker and stronger versions. On the weak side, a sense of value isshared in the sense that a coincidence of interests and values is anecessary condition of developing and sustaining a friendship; whenthat happy coincidence dissipates, so too does the friendship. It ispossible to read Annas’s summary of Aristotle’s view offriendship this way (1988, 1):

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Cocking & Kennett (1998) argue against such a mirroring view intwo ways. First, they claim that this view places too much emphasis onsimilarity as motivating and sustaining the friendship. Friends can bevery different from each other, and although within a friendship thereis a tendency for the friends to become more and more alike, thisshould be understood as an effect of friendship, notsomething constitutive of it. Second, they argue that the appeal tothe friend’s role as a mirror to explain the increasingsimilarity involves assigning too much passivity to the friend. Ourfriends, they argue, play a more active role in shaping us, and themirroring view fails to acknowledge this. (Cocking &Kennett’s views will be discussed further below. Lynch (2005)provides further criticisms of the mirroring view, arguing that thedifferences between friends can be central and important to theirfriendship.)

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Their point is that the secrets view underestimates the kind of trustat issue in friendship, conceiving of it largely as a matter ofdiscretion. Given the way friendship essentially involves each caringabout the other’s good for the other’s sake and so actingon behalf of the other’s good, entering into and sustaining arelationship of friendship will normally involve considerabletrust in your friend’s goodwill towards you generally, and notjust concerning your secrets. Moreover, friendship will normallyinvolve trust in your friend’s judgment concerning what is inyour best interests, for when your friend sees you harming yourself,she ought, other things being equal, to intervene, and through thefriendship you can come to rely on her to do so. (See also Alfano,2016, who emphasizes not just trust but trustworthiness to makesimilar points.)