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Repressing memories can be extremely detrimental in both physical and emotional aspects....

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Critics of RMT maintain that many therapists are not helping patients recover repressed memories, but are suggesting and planting of , sexual abuse, and .

According to Freud, the key to a healthy personality is a balance between the id, the ego, and the superego.

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The explicit definitions of what the novel's characters can and cannot think and talk about set the stage for the story's examination of the repressive forces of society and the psychological consequences of the ever-present cultural 'no.' The nameless narrator who creates the fight clubs exists in s...

Also I will cite an example of how the author's feelings of repression were seen through Louise Mallard.

They further point out that Freud originally claimed the sexual abusers were nursemaids, governesses and so on, but later claimed that most of his patients had said they were abused by their fathers—a claim, it is alleged, that would have been convenient for his account of how he discovered the Oedipus complex whereby the child desires the father or mother in phantasy.

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Many psychologists believe that unconscious repression of traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse or rape is a defense mechanism which backfires.

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There is little scientific evidence to support either the notion that traumatic experiences are typically unconsciously repressed or that unconscious memories of traumatic events are significant causal factors in physical or mental illness.

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According to Freud's theory, certain aspects of your personality are more primal and might pressure you to act upon your most basic urges. Other parts of your personality work to counteract these urges and strive to make you conform to the demands of reality.

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Freud did find evidence, for example in dreams, that knowledge and memory not available to the conscious mind appeared to be stored in some form unconsciously. However, he also—and this is absolutely crucial—emphasised the ways in which memories of experiences, especially those of long ago, are subject to all manner of distortion, mixing elements from different sources, and are rarely available to conscious recall in coherent and accurate form. In this way, Freud’s views of memory, as well as his understanding of the impact of childhood sexual abuse, seem remarkably in tune with today’s perspectives. (pp. 64–65)

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Although there are a multitude of defense mechanisms to consider in psychoanalytic psychology, the five chosen for discussion include repression, denial, projection, displacement, and sublimation....

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Since repressed memories cause physical and emotional damage, expressing feelings rather than repressing them after experiencing a traumatic even will highly benefit the effected individual.