Frankenstein is the Real Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Each nurturing act contrasts strongly with Frankenstein's monstrous neglect of the Monster's needs.

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However, Peter Brooks explains in “Godlike Science/Unhallowed Arts: Language and Monstrosity in Frankenstein” that Shelly had presented the problem of “Monsterism” through her language....

Frankenstein, defines the terms human and monstrous through questioning what constitutes them.

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I agree that Frankenstein’s creation is not initially the monster that mankind perceives him to be. He shows compassion towards humans at first and thirst for knowledge and acceptance. This tenderness changes when he begins to resent human kind. I’m not sure that I would say Frankenstein is a monster but I do think he is very ignorant in this situation. He does not seem to realize that his creation only became a monster after Frankenstein refused to accept and care for him. If Frankenstein had realized the importance of educating, and nourishing his creation, the creation would have never turned into a monster.

As shown in Frankenstein, our fascination for the monstrous leads us to be influenced by it.

What is "Monstrosity"?
Before delving deeply into the omnipresent theme of monstrosity in Frankenstein, it is crucial to first appreciate the true definition of the word.
By DongSeok Koh
What first comes into your mind when you think of the word monster?
A hideous creature with 3 arms and no eyes that lives in the sewers?
Or a 10 feet tall gigantic being covered in fur that lurks in the snowy mountains?

Throughout his essay, he gives answers to the lingering question of who the real monster is.

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Victor’s Frankenstein’s chosen isolation and his ignorance for those who care for him as well as his own creation make him the true monster. In contrast, the creatures wish to attain to achieve friends and social interactions almost make him more of a human, so far, than Victor Frankenstein.

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Judith Halberstam describes this in-between-ness as being one of the primary characteristics of the Gothic monster--being in a space that's not easily classified or categorized, and therefore being rendered unintelligible and monstrous....

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Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, written in 1816, demonstrates through characters that an obsessive desire for more knowledge may ruin ones life....

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He was born innocent, without fault or sin. The Creature was turned to a Monster after he learned of humanity, and what a cold, cruel thing it can be. He was shunned, beaten, chased, and persecuted by those who did not understand him. The Monster then turned bitter and vengeful, and hated his creator for giving him life. In Marry Shelly's Frankenstein, The Creature symbolizes fallen innocence, his childlike naivete stripped away by the cold, uncaring world....

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Throughout the whole story of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley implements most, if not all, of the elements of romanticism, whether the elements are portrayed by the monster or by Victor Frankenstein himself....

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In most people’s mind today, there seems to be no question who the monster is in Frankenstein. It is the creature that Frankenstein has created, that has already murdered an innocent kid. However, looking beyond the outer appearance of the monster, it seems evident that what he began as was not a monster. Instead it was the extreme misconceptions of humans, resulting in extreme isolation of the creature, that caused him to become a monster. The creature had no “relation or friend upon earth,” hence he, in a way, is linked to humans (Shelley, 147). The health and survival of a human baby is dependent on social interactions. Likewise the creature that Frankenstein has created lives a torturous and depressing life without companionship. He strives for friends, yet his disturbing appearance causes him to fail and be shunned by humans.