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Some fiduciaries, such as partners, may be both fiduciaries and entrustors of each other.

There is no singular definition to what a fiduciary obligation is.

Controlling Stockholder's Fiduciary Obligations A. Disputes between Classes of Shares a. Where there is a dispute between classes of shares we look at the contract rather than fiduciary duty. (Zahn v. Transamerica Corp) b. courts will

(3) The sole purpose of entrustment is to enable fiduciaries to serve their entrustors.

and on which the basic concept of fiduciary obligation is grounded.

Abstract: Plan sponsors must understand both governmental regulations and their fiduciary responsibilities in order to help participants leaving employment or retiring who need to make decisions about their retirement plans, according to this white paper.

Judicial enforcement of fiduciary duties shifts entrustors' costs to taxpayers.

therefore, and entrustor will not hand over $100 to a fiduciary if the probably loss of the $100 from the fiduciary's embezzlement, (e.g., a 50% chance) exceeds the expected gain from the relationship (e.g.

I concentrate on the two central duties of trust fiduciary law, loyalty and prudence.

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And herein, I think, lies the chief, if not the only reason, why the male and female in mankind are tied to a longer conjunction than other creatures- viz., because the female is capable of conceiving, and, de facto, is commonly with child again, and brings forth too a new birth, long before the former is out of a dependency for support on his parents′ help and able to shift for himself and has all the assistance due to him from his parents, whereby the father, who is bound to take care for those he hath begot, is under an obligation to continue in conjugal society with the same woman longer than other creatures, whose young, being able to subsist of themselves before the time of procreation returns again, the conjugal bond dissolves of itself, and they are at liberty till Hymen, at his usual anniversary season, summons them again to choose new mates.

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GOD, having made man such a creature that, in His own judgment, it was not good for him to be alone, put him under strong obligations of necessity, convenience, and inclination, to drive him into society, as well as fitted him with understanding and language to continue and enjoy it.


But to supply the defects of this imperfect state till the improvement of growth and age had removed them, Adam and Eve, and after them all parents were, by the law of Nature, under an obligation to preserve, nourish and educate the children they had begotten, not as their own workmanship, but the workmanship of their own Maker, the Almighty, to whom they were to be accountable for them.57.

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Strong evidence that the fiducia and other civil law institutions for establishing trust-like relationships n30 do not provide completely adequate substitutes for the common law trust can be found in the fact that, despite the very peculiar institutional setting in which the law of trusts developed, the trust has come to be adopted in a number of jurisdictions beyond the core common law countries.