This is true for Hamlet's character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Hamlet’s Ophelia, is a tragic, insane character that cannot exist on her own.

the most important characters in the play, including Hamlet.

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[SS - 1] In this piece of work there are many characters that contribute as foils.

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The only prominent female characters are two: Ophelia, Laertes’ sister and Polonius’ daughter; and Gertrude, the queen and wife of Claudius and mother of Hamlet.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses many foils to develop the major characters of his play.

Gooch in "Review of The Shapes of Revenge: Victimization, Vengeance, and Vindictiveness in Shakespeare," presents as a victim Gertrude’s closest woman friend in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Harry Keyishian rightly recognizes that distinction between various manifestations of revenge is crucial in coming to terms not only with many of Shakespeare’s characters -- and some were notable and clearly nasty avengers of perceived yet unsubstantiated wrong -- but also with his social and moral milieu....

Shakespeare uses foils in Hamlet to further create and explain Hamlet’s character.

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Though the play centers on Hamlet’s never-ending struggle to avenge his father and redeem himself as a soon, it is not a far leap to see that audience member would be pushed from the character more than drawn to.

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With these interruptions audiences are able to make the distinction of whether they can identify with Hamlet or lack the evidence to understand his character.

Hamlet is not abundant in female characters

However, in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare and the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, the secondary characters Horatio and Dunstan Ramsay respectively both play a crucial role in the fulfillment of “Fifth Business”.

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Ophelia intrigued me as a character, while reading Hamlet I was thinking to myself, was what happened to Ophelia too much for her to handle, or was she this unstable person all along and never really had anything happen to her to help trigger her madness until now....

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The following paragraphs will outline the deception involved in the deaths of various characters including: Polonius, Gertrude, Laertes, Ophelia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and Old Hamlet; as well as the downfall of the antagonist and protagonist: Claudius and Hamlet themselves.

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The oblective is to provide a better understanding of how Shakespeare uses the events in the play as a means of shaping or changing Hamlet's actions or emotions Hamlet is a character with emotions that are so complex and intriguing that we, as readers or viewers, are drawn into this story until Hamlet's situations, actions, and feelings become things we can understand, and relate to, as if his emotions were as human as our own. This genuineness Hamlet holds...

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This similar idea is conveyed in the theme of Shakespear's Hamlet , "Vengeance can confuse a man's mind and soul to the point where he may not be sure of whom he is really avenging." Shakespear uses foils in this play to allow us readers to understand Hamlet as a man and why and whom he is really avenging....