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The Weimar Republic had done well to undergo great political pressures and break though.

The Failures of the Weimar Republic, 1919-1929

In the early eighties, a much heated and unprecedented scholarly dispute arose surrounding The Collapse of the Weimar Republic, written by David Abraham - at the time, a fledgling historian and assistant professor at Princeton University....

However, the Weimar Republic, like many new parliaments, was having teething troubles.

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This succeeded in stopping the terrible inflation, but the whole incident increased the German people's feelings of insecurity and concern in The Weimar Republic.

Streseman managed to save the Weimar republic for a little longer by restoring the economic situation and gaining a little more respect for Germany.

During the economical crisis and hyper-inflation it seemed their faith in the republic was hugely diminishing and their seemed very little hope for the Weimar Constitution.

Between 1925 and 1929 Gustav Streseman ruled the Weimar republic, and some consider his rule as the

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"Tendentious Misconstruals" The David Abraham Case The historical field concerning the Weimar Republic, Germany's parliamentary government during the interwar years, is not only an extremely sophisticated area of study, but an extremely competitive one as well.

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However there can be no definite judgement because we will never know whether the Weimar Republic could have been developed into a stable parliamentary system if it had not been for the impact of the Depression.

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During the period in which the Weimar republic ruled, other parties were forming, and gradually as people's dislike for the Weimar system grew, they began to be heard.

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A bi product of the treaty of Versailles was the huge economic lose in their country; this gave the German people more reason to blame and loathe the Weimar republic.

Why did the Weimar republic fail

However it still remained small and only gained local support, especially throughout the Weimar republics golden era, throughout which he had nothing much to offer Germanys people.

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Many people blamed the Weimar Republicfor this – Eventually neitherleft-wing nor right-wing factions had any will to save the Weimargovernment and a certain Herr Hitler stepped in – the rest(as they say) is history!

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One of the main reasons the Weimar republic fell from power was the treaty of Versailles, the thought all the bad things that had happened to them and their country were a result of it.