The purpose of an expository essay is to explain a topic using ..

Writers indicate sources of outside information through unobtrusive in-text citations and a ..

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Don't forget to follow all the rules!
Quotes in-context
"'We shouldn't have!' Jonas said fiercely" (Lowry 121).

An analytical essay explains or analyzes something by breaking it down into parts using citations, and clear examples.
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An expository essay explains something using compelling details and supporting evidence,

An argumentative/persuasive essay is often about a controversial topic and presents a strong position on that topic.

MLA In-Text Citations ..

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However, if you use quotes or paraphrase ideas that are not your own, be sure to provide in text citations and the aligned references. Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay?

MLA style uses the author's last name and page number with no comma in between for in-text citations

Analytical Essay
Consequences of plagerism
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Including in-text citations, when we use someone's ideas and making a Work Cited page to list any sources
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*Type of Expository Essay
Citations show us who said the original idea
When Do We Need In-Text Citations?

1) Quoting: You use the exact words from the source in your text.

MLA In-Text Citations…

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For assistance with APA format, including citations and references, revisit your intellipath nodes on APA, read Chapter 3 of your textbook, and review APA materials provided in the AIU Library and Learning Lab.

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The first one is correct. MLA style uses the author's last name and page number with no comma in between for in-text citations. The name can be omitted if it's given in the signal phrase. Do not put a comma between the author's name and the page number or use "p." in the in-text citation.

Including in-text citations, ..

But we had to let go of others'" (Lowry 92).

Do not say "This quote or quotation"
Do not use : unless listing things; before a quote use ,
The Giver
= Book, the Giver = Character
Avoid (parenthesis-unless for in-text citations)
Don't CAPITALIZE random words
Don't let punctuation float
Quotations in quotes get ' instead of "
Only use THIRD PERSON - NO: I, We, Us, You
Use present tense