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Prerequisite or corequisite: MATH 140. A survey of fundamental mathematical concepts relevant to computer science. The objective is to address problems in computer science. Proof techniques presented are those used for modeling and solving problems in computer science. Discussion covers functions, relations, infinite sets, and propositional logic. Topics also include graphs and trees, as well as selected applications. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CMSC 150 or CMSC 250.

I scored very high in computer science during my pre-university schooling that got me admission to one of Karnataka’s most reputed colleges.

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It was also a period that saw to the abolishment of traditional science values of dichotomy and the worship of atomisation in science, replacing reductive micro deterministic views of personhood with holistic top-down view (Overskeid, 2008) The aim of this essay is to give an account of what constitutes the cognitive revolution, and also assess the contributions that the cognitive revolution has made to the scientific study of psychology....

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Prerequisites: CMSC 150 and CMIS 242. A study of user-defined data structures and object-oriented design in computer science. The aim is to develop secure Java programs. Topics include linked lists, stacks, queues, arrays, maps, vectors, and trees. Algorithms that perform sorting, searching, and recursion are discussed and analyzed.

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There is now a perfect storm of positions available in the healthcare/information industry. More and more healthcare facilities are looking for highly trained and skilled professionals to fill positions at all levels. And each of these areas is showing impressive growth at the moment, giving computer science related majors more job opportunities in the future. So if you were thinking of enrolling in a computer science program, we strongly suggest that you take a look at what the healthcare field has to offer before you make a choice of concentration, as it will maximize your chances of finding a good position once you graduate.

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To reach a good position in the healthcare industry, you will usually need at least a bachelor degree in a computer science or any IT related field coupled with a concentration in healthcare. However, some programs such as a master of science in computer information systems are perfect for anyone looking for a job in healthcare. What’s even better is that there are tons of certified online computer information systems degrees available to new students or workers who want to specialize.

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Computer hardware related three main courses are conducted in this lab. Digital trainer kits, CROs, Function generators and other basic equipments are provided for digital circuit designing. Micro processor and micro controller kits with peripheral IC interfacing cards and devices and micro processor simulation softwares are facilitated for micro processor interfacing lab experiments. Computer Hardware and Interfacing lab includes computer assembling, computer hardware familiarization and PC interfacing exercises performed with the help of different PCI interface cards, thermistors, thermo couples, LVDT, load cells, pressure and temperature sensors etc. provided in this lab. This lab has several communication kits also.