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I also recommend orderliness and predictability. This means repairing or throwing out everything that is broken, keeping one’s space neat and clean, and catching up on necessary evils like balancing checkbooks and paying bills. It also means keeping to a sensible schedule and avoiding temptations to burn the candle at both ends. It could mean deliberately undertaking some mindless chores like walking the dog or weeding the garden, activities that do not require the mind; but when the mind is in charge, every effort should be made to do one thing at a time and to keep one’s full attention on that project until it is completed. Then, a little break should be permitted before diving into the next task. The break can be as simple as washing dishes or making the bed, but doing something between great mental efforts gives the psyche time to assimilate. Establishing a rhythm for life that acknowledges the need for balance between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual foci is healthy and gives the body time to regenerate before new demands are placed on it.

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Cleanliness and orderliness essays.

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While Rtam may bring about the orderliness of creation, by itself it may not be effective in maintaining the order in the affairs of self-willed beings. At some stage in the evolution of beings they develop their own egos and awareness of a false sense of self. Driven by their own desires and sensory inputs, deluded by maya these beings would be driven much deeper into darkness and delusion unless they are presented with a system of values and moral percepts which would remind them of their primary purpose in their lives. By following it consciously and judiciously they can reverse their outward journey and turn inward to their source.

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