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The whole point of this essay has been to show that the four symbols associated with Judeo-Christianity - the Cross, the Menorah, the Star of David and the Fish - have a holy origin. Despite the fact that all four of these symbols have been misused by evil people and perverted by Pagans, occultists, witches, Freemasons, and atheists, they still had their origin in holiness, and have a powerful message of Gospel truth to share with those who are not spiritually blind, deaf or dumb to Yahweh’s Spirit.


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This Scripture, and its associated Old Testament verses in are often cited when condemning the use of the Star of David as a symbol for Judaism, since it is this star that is supposedly connected to the gods Moloch (i.e. Baal), and Chiun or Saturn - whose mythological aspects were often seen as malevolent. However, there is absolutely no documented evidence that the Star of David was ever ascribed to the worship of Saturn, or that any hexagram or six-pointed star graced a temple or object dedicated to Saturn or Moloch at any time or place in history.

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The book also makes the claim that this symbol of early Judeo-Christianity was reduced to just the Fish in the wake of ’s supposed purging of all Jewish rituals and symbols out of Christianity. However, it is far more likely that this purging occurred closer to the Third Century, and not in the First Century AD. Indeed, Fish symbols already marked the entrances to First Century Christian catacombs and sanctuaries in that were undoubtedly built before the ties between the and were severed. It therefore appears that this early stylized fish was always meant to symbolize the ritually different Gentile branch of Christianity, while the three part Menorah-Star-Fish symbol is rightly associated with the unique ritual and symbolic heritage of Messianic Jews who believe that Yahshua is the Messiah.

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As shown in the Language of God Book Series, Orion has a special place within the forty-eight constellations of the ancient Zodiac, which was known as the Mazzaroth to the biblical patriarchs. Orion is one of the three decan signs of Taurus the Bull, and it was associated with the Tribe of Joseph in the death-bed prophecies of both Jacob and Moses. Since Joseph married a Gentile, Taurus also represents the countless Gentiles of every people group that are being adopted into when they believe in Christ as their Savior. As a decan of Taurus, Orion is like another chapter of the initial story revealed by Taurus, which represents both a mighty, raging bull, and the slain bull used as an atonement sacrifice for all . In this way, the conquering bull representing , and the Messiah signified by Orion and the sacrificed bull are all connected.

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From the earliest times, a cross within a circle represented the Sun, which is a metaphorical symbol of the goodness and light of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, Who is described as shining like the Sun in and . He is also called “the Sun of Righteousness” in . Indeed, this is certainly the meaning behind using the Celtic Cross as a symbol of Christianity for Millennia in the . Therefore, could the Sethites have known this Scriptural knowledge and associated the Sun and stars with the enclosed cross symbol, and utilized the pyramidion, which looks like a cross within a square from overhead, to depict stars? In addition, could the three Old Kingdom pyramids built before the Flood at Giza in Egypt be the monuments the Sethites built to represent certain stars, as well as astronomical knowledge and spiritual concepts? All of my research has led me to draw these conclusions.

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Amazingly, there are three belt stars in Orion’s belt, just as there were three crosses on when Yahshua was crucified. In addition, two of the three belt stars of Orion overlap a huge reddish-hued nebula that is suggestive of the color of the blood that Yahshua shed for our sins on . In addition, the hourglass shape of the Orion constellation can also be seen as the Kiddush cup or chalice of blessing used on Passover, and at the Last Supper of Christ. This cup of new wine signifies Christ’s own blood that was shed once and for all time for the remission of sin. This means that the constellation Orion signifies the most important spiritual event in history: the death of Christ on the Cross - without which there would be no forgiveness of sin, and no resurrection to everlasting life.