Italian Americans are mostly judged negativelyin the media.

Many people hadconsidered the Sicilian Mafia as the most ruthless mobstersof the twentieth century.

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By 1923 there had been over 3 million Italian immigrants in theUnited States. Most agree that Italian Americans started of witha bad reputation because of small Italian mafia associated groupsand gangs that have migrated from Palermo, Italy to the United States.

Being an Italian American myself I am often beingjudged because on the fact that I am Italian.

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Eventhough Italian Americans are most commonly known for there negitivestereotypes they also have a few positive stereotypes, that some peoplewouldn't mind being misjudged on.

The ChicagoMafia remained incontact with the Mafia connections inItaly.

They cite statistics to justify their contention that the Church has been biased in favor of Irish and Germans prelates to the exclusion of Italian-Americans.

At the time, Johnny Torrio was the godfather, or leader ofthe Italian Mafia in Chicago.

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Using this political power in their advantage,the Mafia was able to gain influence with policeauthorities and the ability to obtain legal access toweapons.

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The Characters in the film gave definition toItalians being highly associated with food,violience and family. The artical says "Thosewho do not have any associations with Italian Americans mightstereotype this group as only eating pasta and not other types of food.

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These people have been known to pose a security risk to the United States of America.

The other way of finding the existence of Italian mafia is by analysis the offenses statistics by finding out the ...

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Americans interest, of the Italians small association with the mob andmafia led to the making of films and television shows about thelifes of those associated.

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The women in these shows are often over weight and take on thatbasic Italian mother like housewife catering to her husbands every needas if he was a god. Even mafia themed advertisements alwaysportray mobsters as an Italian American.

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The basic perceptions of the Italian Americans who migrated to the US are perceived by the natives as gangsters who are basically associated with drug trafficking and prostitution among other crimes.

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is not even closeto being highly involved with Italian Americans.”The GodfatherFrancis Ford Coppola's epic trilogy will forever be the cinematicexperience that cemented the image of the Italian mobster in theAmerican psyche.” “New Jersey's 1.5 millionItalian-Americans – the highest number in the US outside New York– are already bruised by what they see as their negativeportrayal on TV in The Sopranos.