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As we look on the invasion many Americans were very enthusiastic about going to war with Iraq.

The Invasion of Iraq was Wrong!

The Iraqi government asked Kuwait to forgive the debt, as they could not afford to pay, Kuwait refused to forgive the debt, which increased tensions between the two nations....

The Iran-Iraq War began in 1980 when Iraqi forces invaded Iran (Britannica).

After the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, the U.N.

Project Censored's number-one story of 1990 was how the USA's press eagerly believed the government's propaganda regarding Iraq while it whipped up support for the Gulf War, when hindsight regarding Vietnam, Panama, and Grenada revealed how shamelessly the government lied to the press and public. It was as if the press would be lied to 99 times in a row, and eventually realize they were being lied to, but would fervently believe the 100th lie they were told. How "knowing" was that kind of stupidity?

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The USA has been a plutocracy, ever since the new , followed by a parading through the White House. The first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court () baldly stated that those who own the country should run it. More importantly, the USA is an empire. Rome was also a republic originally, at least officially. Rome degenerated into becoming an empire, in its quest for wealth and power. It is impolite to declare that America is an empire (although in the wake of invading Iraq), because the favored fantasy is that America is different from other nations, possessed of unique virtue. Also, it is impolite to call American colonialism what it is; so it is , with subject peoples , providing the illusion of independence. If the pattern of other empires holds, American global hegemony is probably nearing its end, and the financial collapse of 2007-2009 was a mere prelude.

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Iraq’s chemical weapons program matured throughout the Iran-Iraq war.

The tensions between Sunni and Shia in Iraq are not due to religious differences formed after Muhammad’s death 1,382 years ago and are not inevitable, as proven by the relationships between Sunni and Shia in other countries and in the past (Shuster, 2011)....

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Relations between western nations and Iran deteriorated with the coup d'état of the shah and the Iranian hostage crisis.1 The weapons program attempted to give the Iraq military leverage in the war, when fighting gains for both sides stagnated....

The US invasion of Iraq removed a brutal dictator ..

The attack also instigated differences in opinion in Iraq and generally weakened Saddam Hussein's regime.2 As Robin Wright stated, “Operation Desert Storm served as a textbook case of how to deal with aggression in the post-Cold War world”.3 Eight years later after the U.S....

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Iraq started using these chemical weapons excessively after 1984, until the end of the war even though countries are not allowed to use chemical weapons in any cases....

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Soldiers in cargo vehicles move onto a beach in Normandy during the Allied Invasion of Europe, D-Day, June 6, 1944. After fierce fighting, the Allies established a foothold in northern France.. U.S. Army