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Many things may affect students’ academic success among these variables are sleep habits....

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Attachment is therefore a fundamental problem, which can be resolved only by cultivating non-attachment through the practice of various yogas or disciplines. To be free from attachments, we must be willing to let go of everything, renounce our attachment to things and embrace change, without feeling threatened by it. We should practice equanimity by not seeking security in things and relationships that are by themselves impermanent, undependable and unpredictable. We have to become aware of our thoughts, actions, habits by practicing mindfulness. As the Buddha said, however strong may be our desire to hold on to things and make them part of our lives, all composite things, to which we cling so dearly, will eventually come to an end. We should therefore cultivate an awareness that is impervious to change and impermanence, that can survive the vicissitudes of life of without disrupting itself and experience peace and equanimity unconditionally.

Almost everyone has good and bad habits but the bad ones can lead to addictions.

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Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think reveals how you can replace the perspective of the ego – the habit of identifying with the body, emotions, and thoughts – with a new perspective: the Witness, that of your soul … pure consciousness. With compelling logic, practices for everyday life, and guided meditations, the book explains how you can free yourself from suffering, enjoy inner peace, and find intuitive guidance.

From small, non dangerous, habits like biting nails or high pitched laughing, to dangerous ones such as smoking, drinking, and reckless behavior.

Our attachments are behind all our motivated behavior, learned behavior, habits, fears, thoughts, decisions, preferences, choices, accumulations, intentional behavior and structured relationships. Our attachments are responsible for the actions we do in order to gain something, own something, not to lose something, survive, succeed, avoid failure, overcome fear, perpetuate our identities, prevail against nature, dominate others or yield to them. Some of our attachments are also collective in the sense that whole groups and nations have selective preferences for things and identities that stem from their collective consciousness and group identity. Thus each group, tribe, caste, nation, association and community is attached to certain beliefs, traditions, likes and dislikes, preferences and prejudices that are part of their collective egos and collective attachments. Historically, these attachments have shaped our history and civilization both positively and negatively. They have also caused a great deal of human suffering through racial abuse, wars and aggression, gender differences, religious hatred, social and economic inequalities, ideological and political differences, environmental degradation and destruction of life and valuable resources.

Sleep regulates hormones, emotions, and immune system.” For this reason sleeping is my third good habit.

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When you learn to respond differently or stoically to whatever that seem to evoke a response in you habitually, you break the shackles of your past and set yourself free from the illusions of your own mind. There is nothing wrong in having things or enjoying them. What is wrong is your attachment with them and your preferences that prevent you from experiencing life as it comes with unconditional trust and freedom. It is not an easy process. But by becoming aware of them, truthfully, honestly and mindfully, you are opening yourself to the possibility of life without limits. The following suggestions may help you in your efforts to overcome attachments.

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Silencing your habits: When we perform actions repetitively out of desires, they become habits. Such habits can be either mental or physical and in both cases we suffer from the noise they generate as ripples and modifications. As in other cases you can begin by learning to silence a few simple negative habits that may be impairing your health or happiness and move on to more serious ones.

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There is a cure for bulimia and Obesity if you cut down on the calories and start exercising better, start a weight- management program, change eating habits, plan meals, control portions, increase physical activity, eat good foods at school, eat meals as a family, don’t eat as a reward, limit snacking, and attend a support group.