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What are the differences between Pre-tribulation-Pre-millennialism and A-millennialism?

Essays on Premillennialism: A Modern Reaffirmation of

"." What is the first resurrection? It isnot the rapture of the church (unlike what many pre-millennialist teach). The firstresurrection is a spiritual resurrection! In Eden, Adam died. At that point he did notphysically die; rather, he died spiritually. Later he died physically. The unregenerate manis spiritually dead. He must be resurrected spiritually to have eternal life. Jesus said toNicodemus that he must be born again. I.e., he must experience a spiritual resurrection,i.e, the resurrection of the soul. The first resurrection occurs when one is born again. Johnsees the souls of them who live and reign with Christ. These souls begin to live and reignwith Christ once they have experienced the first resurrection. Those who are saved areliving and reigning with Christ

Essays on Premillennialism edited by K Neill Foster & David E Fessenden and published by Classics.

Essays On Premillennialism: A Modern Reaffirmation of

by Fred FieldA Biblical Worldview: narrow is the gate, by Fred FieldChrist in the Passover, by Curt Sewell"What the Bleep Do They Know!?" by Ryan Davidsen (review)The Point of No Return, by Ray C.

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For a more current view of the connection between the missionary mandate and premillennialism, Keith Bailey once summarized the views of The Christian and Missionary Alliance as follows:

Essays on Premillennialism: A Modern Reaffirmation of an Ancient Doctrine by K

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The spiritualization of the millennial passages continued under Augustine, though he himself hints that at one time he had been a millennialist.17 As history moved toward the modern era, the Church became increasingly less attached to government, less ready to believe that secular power along with the Christian message would usher in the millennial kingdom. Augustine, though tempted with the millennial view, persisted also in allegorical hermeneutics. The Reformers basically rescued the Church from Augustine’s hermeneutical prison, restored the authority and clarity of Scripture and endorsed the priesthood of all believers. In such an atmosphere, millennialism in its “pre-” form could once again emerge. Not surprisingly, two centuries after Luther, premillennialism was back. Believing Revelation 20 literally was back in style.

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Currently, as indicated earlier, premillennialism is under assault and is being repudiated on many sides.11 One possible factor in the decline of premillennialism is the ongoing controversies over pre- and post-tribulational views of the second coming of Jesus Christ. These controversies among dispensational premillennialists, along with present eccentricities in the charismatic/prophecy movements, may have combined to erode belief in premillennialism.

Essays on Premillennialism by K

Eschatology, the study of last things, is concerned with time. Futurists believe that much of eschatology is still future. Because of the imminence statements in the gospels and epistles, preterists (including the author) believe all of the last things (the return of Christ, the judgment, and the resurrection) were all fulfilled in Jesus’ generation. This volume deals with the importance of time to God and His faithfulness in fulfillment of prophecies concerning time. Major topics discussed are the Olivet Discourse, II Peter 3, and Paul’s preaching and teaching on the resurrection. One major section of this book deals with the afterlife: Hell, the Rich Man & Lazarus, and immortality. Another deals with the faithless foundation of dispensational premillennialism. A last collection of topics includes The Importance of the Old Testament to Christians, Zionism, and Frequently-Asked Questions.

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From the amillennial view, the fundamental error of premillennialism is the view of Scripture that tends to be embraced by us as Chiliasts.20 If that “fundamental error” is the verbal and plenary view of inspiration, we plead joyfully guilty! In formal terms, premillennialism is a natural outgrowth of the grammatical/historical pattern of interpretation.