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I learned from my first English professor that you should write opinions in certain ..

I" or "in my opinion" in an essay

How many times have we heard: "that's not a fact; that's just your opinion." We've seen this sentiment expressed by many , who think that theories are opinions and evolution, being a theory, is not a fact but an opinion.

Perhaps it would be less confusing if the distinction were made between  and , rather than between facts and opinions.

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This error seems to be one of the chief cognitive deficits of those who think they have offered a meaningful criticism of something they disagree with by simply asserting that their opponent is expressing his opinions.

The research methods that will be used for this essay will be only the personal opinions of the author of this essay.

One believes that the findings of this essay will show that ethnicity and media generated stereotypes influence gender roles and that inequality for females is a fact of life. Ethnicity and Female Equality: A Personal Opinion The role of ethnicity plays an important part in our society's view and...

These experts normally express their opinion in the form of writing in order to easily transmit and disseminate their opinion to the mass....